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10 Inspiring Movies on Netflix That Could Change Your Life

Are you planning to kickstart a new phase of your life? Or maybe you need motivation for a new career or new relationship? Then why not start by watching these inspiring movies on Netflix?

Movies are more than just popcorn flicks. They can change the way we live, love, and even think. From kids rushing out of cinemas slinging webs from their wrists to adults realizing their greatest fear is holding them back, movies can be uplifting, inspirational, and even motivational.

Why You Should Watch Inspiring Movies on Netflix

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Perhaps you’re kicking back on the sofa with the TV remote in hand. Perhaps you’re checking your Netflix library on your tablet while traveling, or are just looking for a quick laugh on Netflix.

You could binge-watch the best Netflix shows you’ve seen three times despite knowing that too much binge-watching isn’t good for you. But wouldn’t it be better to watch one of these inspiring movies on Netflix that could motivate you to improve your life? If so, you’ve come to the right place, as we have compiled a list of inspiring Netflix movies.

Inspirational movies come in all shapes and sizes. Where the Crawdads Sing is based on a novel of the same name, and it’s definitely worth a watch.

It tells the story of a young woman who overcomes challenges alone when she should have had an entire support system around her. She grows up in a harsh environment but learns to take care of herself and not only survive but thrive. People fail her, they surprise her, and throughout it all, she perseveres.

One of the film’s core messages is not to judge a book by its cover—multitudes may hide behind the eyes of an overlooked abandoned child, and you can find a monster behind the eyes of the town’s golden boy.

Rocky (1976) is a classic for a reason. It’s still regarded as one of the most iconic movies ever made under the genre of sports and athleticism. Sylvester Stallone wrote the film and holds the titular role.

Rocky is a story of perseverance and believing in yourself enough to go the distance and risk it all. It’s a perfect movie to push you in the right direction and reaffirm your belief in the American dream.

William Kamkwamba fixes radios in his spare time while not at school or helping his family. But when crops fail and famine strikes, he feels he must act. Kamkwamba devises a way to build a windmill-powered water pump using the electrical engineering skills he has learned at school.

Overcoming opposition from his friends and family (who largely doubt the practicality of the plan), Kamkwamba eventually harnesses the wind.

The animated film showcases a powerful story of self-acceptance and how impossible it is to force others to accept you. You may have walked the journey, but you can’t make others follow your direction and do it unless they’re willing.

The feature pushes you into a world of traditions and expectations and teaches that you cannot always follow blindly. It’s a beautiful story of friendship and the strength it takes to be yourself sometimes.

Dumplin’ invites you into the world of beauty pageants. It portrays how rigid and unmoving some people’s beauty standards are and, in turn, how damaging that can be. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, though.

The film is packed with sweetness, vulnerability, and heart-wrenching moments sprinkled throughout. Watching the feature on Netflix, you can expect to see how difficult it can be to go against the socially acceptable and attempt to redefine the “norm.”

Dumplin’ inspires you to persist and hold firm against those who would see you down.

A Man Called Otto flings you into the deep end. It perfectly portrays that no matter what life throws at you or what stage of your life you find yourself at, you can always change your ways. You can forge connections, improve yourself, and discover a community willing to embrace you, even if you weren’t quite ready for that at first.

The inspirational story depicts the strength and love you can find in others and how it’s never too late to find new people to care about.

Zion is a documentary-style short movie. It’s only 11 minutes long, but it packs a punch. It showcases the life of a young black man who was born without legs and had to spend much of his life in foster care. His life changes when he discovers his calling—competitive wrestling.

Zion is the perfect watch for when you want to watch something inspiring but don’t have the time to dedicate to a full-feature film. If you’re looking for more inspiration, you can always use a YouTube curator to find more short documentaries.

A League of Their Own tells the (fictionalized) tale of how women made their way into American baseball. It’s a sports classic, and despite being fiction, the story seen on screen seems all too familiar at times.

The movie is full of camaraderie, working together towards a common goal, and beautifully shows how sometimes you have to face adversity yourself so you can pave the way behind you for others to follow.

Marriage Story offers a look into how a marriage starts, ends, and everything in between. It shows that sometimes it’s okay for things to end, and, in fact, it can be what’s best for all included parties.

It falls in the group of inspirational movies that can be sad but ultimately teach an important lesson. A marriage ending doesn’t have to equate to a family falling apart. It’s the opposite as the film shows how one thing may end, but the unit stays a family despite it all.

Dre Parker is wrenched from his home when his mom gets a new job. They uproot their lives and move countries, starting from scratch, and Dre is completely lost. He finds an unlikely friend in Mr. Han, who teaches him Kung Fu in his spare time so Dre can defend himself and overcome his challenges.

The Karate Kid is a tale of overcoming adversity, achievement, and adjustment. It ultimately asks you: Is kung fu for violence or peace?

Be Inspired by These Inspiring Movies on Netflix

It isn’t every day that you get the chance to sit down and choose from such a selection of uplifting movies.

Sure, you might prefer a shooter; Tom Cruise’s latest Mission Impossible is always a strong option. But instead of the crash-bang-wallop of beating bad guys, why not kick back with a movie that has the capacity to change your life?

After all, if you’re ready to be inspired, these Netflix movies could prove to be truly life-changing.

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