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15 Best Hair Straighteners and Flat Irons for Your Hair Type 2022

I wish the only factor to take into account when buying a new hair straightener was the price, but that’s really only a fraction of the decision. Of course, the price tag might help you narrow down the selection, but you still gotta decide between all the devices within your budget. So while shopping, remember to:

Consider your hair type and condition

The best hair straightener will depend on your hair’s thickness, texture, length, and condition. Thin, fragile, or damaged hair should stick with flat-irons with lower heat settings. “Hair that’s finely textured, or compromised by chemicals, or already damaged may not be able to handle hot temperatures and still remain healthy,” says Abramite, so instead look for a hair straightener with adjustable controls and low-heat options (like 350 to 375 degrees). But hair that’s coarse, curly, and thick will likely need an iron that heats to 400 degrees or higher.

Long hair that takes forever to straighten will appreciate an iron with extra-long and wide (like one-and-a-half or two-inch plates) plates that can fit larger sections of hair to cut down on styling time. But if your hair is short, you’ll maybe prefer a shorter, narrower iron that can get close to the root. Think about what you love and hate about straightening your hair (give me low heat that doesn’t fry my fragile hair all day, pls)—choose your hair straightener based on those parameters.

Compare the features

If you’re still overwhelmed by the options, look for added features that you’ll actually use, like an auto shut-off if you’re always forgetting to unplug it, ion technology for extra shine and silkiness, vibrating plates if your hair is coarse or curly, or floating plates for less tension and breakage. You might have to pay a little more for a tool that has more than just the basics, but hair pros argue that a nice design can really be worth it.

A well-designed flat-iron should close evenly on the hair to prevent pulling or uneven tension,” says Abramite. “It should glide smoothly through the strands and feel comfortable when maneuvering.” So if you try a flat iron and it snags, pulls, or leaves your hair feeling anything but good on the first try, check the return policy (Sephora and Ulta will always let you return within 30 days, even if the box is opened, but check your Amazon seller before purchasing as they can have varying return policies).

Choose the intended use

Are you wanting a flat iron for both straightening your hair and curling it? Are you using it to style bangs or a short pixie cut and need something that can get close to the root? Are you planning on traveling with your flat iron? These are all questions to ask yourself before clicking that “Place Order” button so you don’t end up with a device that doesn’t fit your needs. Because at the end of the day, even the best hair straightener won’t do you any good if it doesn’t have the shape, design, features, and modes that you’re looking for.

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