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3 Ways to Check Your Oil

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Updated: July 28, 2022

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Checking your oil is a quick way to keep your engine running smoothly without any tools or spending any money. Before you check your oil, wait at least 10 minutes after you’ve turned the engine off so your car can cool down and you don’t burn yourself. Then, open your hood and pull out the dipstick, which is connected to the oil tank in your engine. Clean the dipstick with a cloth to remove any oil, then reinsert it into the pipe of the oil tank. Make sure to push it all the way in to get an accurate reading. Pull the stick back out a second time and look at where the oil’s film ends. If the oil film reaches up to or below where the stick says “ADD,” you need to add more oil. If the oil film is close to the “FULL” mark, you don’t need to add more oil yet. To learn how to add new oil to your car, read more from our Mechanic co-author!

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