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6 Lesser-Known Mechanical Keyboard Switches You Should Check Out

The world of mechanical keyboard switches is way bigger than you think. Most people have keyboards with switches made by one of three manufacturers: Cherry, Gateron, or Kaihl. As it turns out, however, there are plenty of mechanical keyboard switches out there. While most switches are similar because the color naming schemes are effectively standardized, checking out the right brands could save you some money—or at least make your keyboard unique in other ways.

Here are some lesser-known mechanical keyboard switches you might want to check out if you’re shopping for a new keyboard.

1. Logitech Romer-G Switches

Logitech G915
Image Credit: Logitech

First, we’re going to talk about one kind of switch many of you might already be using but might not be aware of: Logitech’s Romer-G switches. For these switches, Logitech partnered with a well-known switch maker, Omron. Romer-G switches are, according to Logitech, about 25% faster and 40% more durable than standard, run-of-the-mill mechanical switches, so they’re a good option to check out if you need fast actuation (for games) or, basically, reliability in general.

There are three types of Romer-G switches: Blue, Brown, and Red, and the colors correspond to Cherry’s color-naming scheme. Blue gives a satisfying audible click and tactile feedback, while Brown gives that same tactile bump but is more silent about it. Red, on the other hand, is a linear fast switch that’s perfect for fast-paced games.

Logitech’s keyboards are among the best mechanical keyboards out there, and the reason why that is is clear.

2. Roccat Titan Switches

Image Credits: Roccat

Roccat is known for its affordable yet good-quality keyboards, but did you know that the brand makes its own switches? The Roccat Titan switches are included on Roccat keyboards and are a key selling point. Unlike Logitech, which partnered with an established switch maker, Roccat designed and built its own switches from the ground up. Roccat says they’re a “marvel of German engineering,” advertising improvements such as that it has built its switches to last with a special housing that keeps wobbling at bay.

The switches are available in both tactile (brown) and linear (red) flavors—if you’re looking for a blue variant here, you’d be disappointed. Roccat keyboards are on the cheaper side, so if these switches sound like something you’d like to try out, you don’t need to spend a lot of money.

3) NovelKeys Switches

NovelKeys Cream Switch
Image Credit: NovelKeys

NovelKeys might not be a name you might be familiar with, but if you’re into mechanical keyboards, you’ve likely heard of its NK Cream switches and range of in-house switches. The company specializes in selling individual switches to consumers, making them a top choice for those with hot-swappable keyboards.

NovelKeys offers a diverse selection of switches, but its unique NK switches, like the NK Cream, are what sets it apart. Each switch features distinct lubrication and manufacturing processes, resulting in unique characteristics. To delve deeper into the world of NovelKeys’ NK switches, we encourage you to explore its website, where you can purchase these switches individually or pre-installed on a keyboard.

4) Greetech Switches

Greetech Switch
Image Credit: Greetech/MechanicalKeyboards

Now, we’re entering budget territory. If you have very basic keyboard needs and don’t need anything special, Greetech switches might fit the bill. Greetech is a China-based manufacturer that sells budget switches. They are generally considered about the same tier as Kaihl switches, which are also budget switches, so these are fine if you’re not planning to spend much money.

Greetech switches are available in blue, brown, red, and black flavors (blacks are like browns with a higher actuation force) and can be bought individually or pre-installed on some keyboards.

5) Drop Halo Switches

Drop Halo Switches
Image Credit: Drop

Once again, we’re returning to unique switches made for a specific kind of crowd looking for something different than your regular blue, brown, and red switches. The Drop Halo switches might be a great fit if you want something unique.

There are two wildly different kinds of Drop Halo switches. We have the Halo Clears, which are very similar to the niche Cherry MX Clear switches, and we have the Halo Trues, which imitate Japanese Topre switches (Topre is a special kind of switch that’s probably unlike anything else you’ve used before). The switches are made by Kailh, an established brand, which means they should be as reliable as other switches on the market.

Drop Halo also has Holy Panda switches, which are considered to be top-tier, with Drop Halo claiming that they’re the “most tactile switches” in the world.

If you’re after something different from what you’re used to, these switches could very well fit the bill. They’re definitely unique.

6) Zealio Switches

Zealio Switches
Image Credits: Zealio

Finally, we’re going with an old, reliable option in the premium switches space: Zealios. Reddit comments suggest Zealios has stagnated, and while that’s up to personal opinions, that doesn’t mean they’re not good options for keyboard enthusiasts. The latest generation, the Zealio V2s, has a few things going for them, including reduced wobble compared to Holy Panda switches—with Zealio claiming this makes them even more tactile. Given how the Holy Panda switches are already touting that as a selling point, it’s a wild claim.

Purple Zealio switches are available with bottom-out forces ranging from 62g to 78g. ZealPC also has a number of other switches, including the Tealio and the Healio, as well as the Zilent—make sure to check out ZealPC’s entire range of switches before making a pick.

There Are Lots Of Mechanical Switches Out There

There are a lot of options that you can check out as far as keyboard switches go. Some of them will come pre-installed on certain keyboards, while others you’ll have to install yourself—something that’s also considered a rite of passage for certain keyboard enthusiasts if you’re interested in getting into that. Make sure to check out all the options we gave you before making up your mind.

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