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8 Fun TikTok Content Ideas for Creators

After transforming from merely a lip-syncing app to a content creation hub, TikTok is one of the best platforms to help you become an internet sensation. If you’re new to content creation, TikTok is a great way to start, as it spotlights creators irrespective of their follower count.

From creating DIY videos to joining duets, you can create numerous types of content on TikTok.

1. A Day in the Life Vlog

a girl recording herself while holding a drink

With over a billion views daily on TikTok, A Day In The Life Vlog is one of TikTok’s most viewed and popular videos. It’s also popular on other creator platforms aside from TikTok. These vlogs offer viewers a glimpse into a creator’s routine and day.

Shooting a Day In The Life Vlog is an easy way to stand out, increase your online presence, and engage with your audience. To get started, choose a day you are comfortable sharing your routine online. Then, begin shooting from when you wake up until you sleep.

two girls dancing in front of a camera

Following the choreography of Renegade by Jalaiah Harmon that went viral on TikTok, dance challenges have become the rave of the moment, and rightly so. It made dancers more visible than ever before.

And anyone can stand the chance of their dance going viral. There are a lot of dancers and viewers out there; join them by participating in viral dance trends.

You can jump on viral dance trends with a tutorial, sample videos, and the right music to gain visibility. However, to stand out from the crowd, add your twist to the dance, do a freestyle—or do something slightly different if you’d prefer.

3. Bust Industry Myths

a girl looking shocked on her phone

If you have a knack for researching and getting your facts right, then a myth-buster is an excellent type of content you should consider creating. As a myth-buster, your task is to find widespread rumors or myths and assert or debunk them with facts respectively.

While myth-buster videos are relatively long, you can divide your videos into different parts and make sure to post them in ascending order so TikTok’s “just watched” feature can help your viewers find them easily.

Asides the “just watched” feature on TikTok, there are other helpful features that beginners can find useful while using TikTok. As a creator, the myth-buster is a rewarding type of content. Myth-busters improve your video watch time and attract viewers to your profile, where they can discover other videos that pique their interest.

4. Review Brands’ Products

a man reviewing something while recording himself on camera

Reviewing brands’ products or services is another popular type of content to create on TikTok. Have you ever been displeased with any of your purchases or been so impressed with a gadget that you want to tell your friends about it? You can make money off it as a content creator.

The trick here is to remain genuine and make your reviews as explanatory as possible. Viewers relate more with what they understand, and if your reviews are understandable and relatable, you can gain a lot of followers that look forward to your reviews before trying out a product.

Alongside waiting for you, they can make review requests in your comment section. As a product reviewer, you will also pique the interest of brands and manufacturers.

If your TikTok viewership numbers are doing well, brands may start to reach out to you with free products to review their products for your viewers. When receiving these, however, make sure that you remain honest with your reviews.

5. Share Helpful Tips and Tricks

a girl holding up a celery while recording on camera

From clever luggage packing tricks to hidden features on TikTok, there are numerous lifestyle hacks you can create content about. Likewise, numerous viewers are yearning to try out your lifestyle hacks. To create tips and tricks videos accurately, specify your target audience and curate tricks they find helpful.

Furthermore, don’t just explain the tips; you should act them out if possible. For example, if you know a trick or tool that makes orange peeling faster, you should make sure to record yourself while implementing it. Aside from the valuable tips to share, make sure to get and add special effects to your TikTok video.

6. Partner With Other Content Creators

three people talking together at a desk

When you team up with other content creators, you can brainstorm and share ideas resulting in more wholesome and well-thought content. Besides coming up with top-notch content, collaborations help you tap into your partner’s audience and amass exposure to a broader range of followers and viewers.

Collaboration with others gives your followers diversity, as other creators will bring new perspectives, ideas, styles, and experiences to your content.

7. Join Viral Challenges

three friends sitting on a gree sofa that's inside water

Viral challenges are one-hit sensations that attract a lot of viewers on TikTok. With a challenge, you can ask your viewers and other creators to recreate whatever dance move or trick you do.

If you come up with a challenge of your own, don’t forget to accompany it with a relevant hashtag; a catchy name can also help your content go viral. Aside from creating your own challenge, you can hop on other challenges already blowing up.

Don’t forget to spice things up with the best video editing apps and add your twist to it.

8. Test the Waters by Airing Your Opinion on Current Events

a man holding a microphone while talking to another person on camera

As a content creator, you can break down complex news into simple terms for your viewers. Many people do not keep up with the news because it seems too complex for them, and your TikTok video can be the bridge between your viewers and keeping up with the news.

Also, you should remember that TikTok’s audience comprises people of different ages. As a result, your informative videos should be as simple as possible. You could explain the impact of the news, for example.

If you’re just starting out, you can break down players’ contracts in sports and explain inflation news. With this type of content, your page can become a go-to for viewers whenever they are unclear about what they hear.

TikTok Content Creation Ideas for More Engagement

Creating content on TikTok is much easier when you have many ideas to revisit and try out. If you control a brand account or curate content for your TikTok page, you may want to spice things up by trying out different types of content on TikTok.

While anyone can always buy an already-built TikTok account, creating top-notch content on your own TikTok account yields original and authentic viewership and helps you stay out of scams. It also helps you save money.

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