Bella Hadid made a ‘Bald and Beautiful’ comeback after Lyme Disease battle; Fans REACT

Bella Hadid, the supermodel, recently surprised everyone with her bold fashion transformation. She appeared in the Fall 2023 campaign for Marc Jacob’s brand called Heaven. Read on to know everything.

Bella Hadid made ‘Bald and Beautiful’ appearance

Here’s the twist: Bella was completely bald in her new look! Yes, you read that right. Bella Hadid, who is known for her beautiful brunette hair, decided to go bald for this photoshoot. Not only did she lose her hair, but she also left her clothes behind, making it a truly minimalist look.

Now, let’s be clear; we’re not entirely sure if this bald look is 100% real or if it involves some digital magic like CGI or Photoshop. It’s mostly said to be an AI-made look. However, in this alternative reality-like photoshoot, Bella Hadid rocked the ‘bald and beautiful’ like a true fashion icon, strikingly opposite from her usual appearance. This look marked her strong comeback from the long treatment for Lyme Disease.

Fans react to Bella’s bald look 

Fans had mixed reactions to Bella’s new look. Some were amazed and praised her while others were too shocked to see her like this. One commented under the post, “Yessss proving you can be bald and beautiful is what it’s all about. We just need more representation and awareness to get it out there. Representation of bald beauty — it’s dope. From someone who lives this truth myself, bald beauty exists beyond extraterrestrial connotations or AI fantasies. Bald is beautiful too just say that 🗣️🌀💙,” 

Another expressed shock, “What in the Splice (2009)”

While a third one said, “girl these prices really? 💀”

One person expressed, “No mens pieces? No male models? I like the bungee pants but I can’t even see a male silhouette in them.”


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Bella Hadid’s comeback journey from Lyme Disease battle

Bella Hadid recently made a remarkable comeback from Lyme disease, a condition she has been battling since 2012. Bella has been open about her struggles with the disease, and even her sister Gigi shared updates about her treatment. In a heartfelt Instagram post, Bella shared her journey and expressed gratitude to her family, especially her mom, for supporting her throughout the challenging treatment.

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