Best and Worst Baseball Uniforms

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From pinstripes to coach jackets to thermals, the baseball field has had a lasting influence on men’s style. And since the early 1900s, the uniforms have innovated, adapted, and moved with times. Of course, that’s not always a good thing. Here’s a (completely unscientific) look back at baseball style—from the very good to the very questionable.

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1903: Chicago White Sox

The White Sox team logo has gone through many iterations, and this 1903 version looks more like a botched horseshoe than anything else. However, the newsboy cap and contrasting collar are enough to save this look from disaster.

Verdict: Questionable

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1908: Boston Red Sox

The short-brimmed hat is a divisive style move, and the extra layer under the jersey just seems hot.

Verdict: Questionable

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1914: Philadelphia Athletics

A simple monochrome palette keeps this look understated. Even the old Athletics logo works well here.

Verdict: Good

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1917: Chicago White Sox

Super confused by the turtleneck and the long sleeves and also the Sox logo.

Verdict: Bad

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1921: Cleveland Indians

It doesn’t get any more classic ’20s baseball than baggy pants and an old-timey font.

Verdict: Good

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1927: St. Louis Cardinals

I’m wearing these socks right now.

Verdict: Good

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1934: Boston Braves

When your team logo looks like it says “Bra Yes” you know there’s an issue.

Verdict: Bad

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1940s: Brooklyn Dodgers

The Brooklyn Dodgers are everything that is good about nostalgia, especially the hats.

Verdict: Good

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1944: Brooklyn Dodgers

See? Everything good. Including this silky light blue uniform.

Verdict: Good

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1952: New York Yankees

The pleated pants and clean pinstripes give this uniform a streamlined, timeless appeal. Bonus points for rocking a belt on the field to tie the look together.

Verdict: Good

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1953: Boston Red Sox

Smart piping, structured sleeves, and on-point logo placement make this a winning look.

Verdict: Good

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1958: Milwaukee Braves

The juvenile patchwork mascot and the misplaced logo that clashes with the red stripes are not the best details you want on your uniform.

Verdict: Bad

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1963: Pittsburgh Pirates

More teams should use layering-friendly vests, especially when paired with thermals.

Verdict: Good

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1966: Baltimore Orioles

Unsure why the sleeves are so awkward but it’s a good, clean-cut take on the uniform.

Verdict: Good

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1969: Seattle Pilots

The Seattle Pilots didn’t last very long and, thankfully, neither did their uniforms.

Verdict: Bad

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1970: California Angels

The contrasting side stripe and matching waistband add a sartorial flair to an otherwise standard getup.

Verdict: Good

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1971: Baltimore Orioles

Here’s how to make light blue work. The contrasting waistband makes all the difference.

Verdict: Good

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1972: Oakland Athletics

The number and the letter is way too much for the front of the shirt, but the socks, side stripe pants, and killer striped sleeves make up for it.

Verdict: Good, bonus mustache

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1975: Cleveland Indians

Pairing a red shirt with white pants is a good, good move.

Verdict: Good

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1976: Chicago White Sox

A collared shirt and shorts seem out of place on a mound, but they’re great for that very reason.

Verdict: Good

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1977: Philadelphia Phillies

This shade of blue works much better in subtle pops—not head to toe.

Verdict: Bad

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1978: Houston Astros

This is, hands down, the best baseball uniform of all time. You killed it, Astros. You killed it.

Verdict: Best

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1982: St. Louis Cardinals

Now this is how you do head-to-toe blue. It’s a little darker of a shade, and is broken up nicely by other colors. Plus, damn Keith Hernandez! Coming in hot with the facial hair.

Verdict: Good

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1983: Baltimore Orioles

All white with pops of orange is very ’80s baseball. We miss it.

Verdict: Good

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1983: Chicago White Sox

Kind of looks like a project you’d make with WordArt in school.

Verdict: Elementary

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1984: New York Mets

Bright, saturated colors can easily miss the mark, but this teal, red, and white combo hits all the right notes thanks to how well the design uses scale and proportion to balance everything out.

Verdict: Good

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1986: New York Mets

We’re still mourning the loss of Shea stadium and the artistic pinstripe unis that came with it.

Verdict: Good

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1988: Chicago White Sox

The all-white uniform is made even better by cool socks. Although the number on the pant leg and the hat can both take a hike.

Verdict: Still Good

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1989: Pittsburgh Pirates

The color scheme works very well here thanks to navy and yellow trimming on the sleeves and the V-neck collar.

Verdict: Good

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1989: Kansas City Royals

All-over periwinkle blue, plus a navy blue hat, is how you should do monochromatic dressing on the field.

Verdict: Good

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