Best Solution For Complete WordPress Community

BuddyPress is the most popular and the best way to create a social community for WordPress site. BuddyPress plugin helps in bringing the community features to WordPress. Here in this article, you will get to know about BuddyPress Plugins which will help you in building Complete WordPress Community.

But here you will have to use the BuddyPress themes because some of the WordPress themes are compatible with this community plugin. So here we will be discussing the best BuddyPress plugins which will help you in creating community-related to anything.

List of Top BuddyPress Plugin

1. BuddyBoss Wall:

 BuddyBoss Wall - BuddyPress Plugin

This will allow users to add posts and do like and comment on friends post. It will also add news feed of the happenings in the user’s friend list or the group across the full site. You will have many privacy options like Facebook.

So let’s start the conversation with the BuddyBoss Wall.

2. BuddyPress User Blog:

 BuddyPress User Blog - BuddyPress Plugin

It will give blogging authority to your members, and with this, the community will automatically convert into content producing machine. This initiative will help your users in loving the blog and assist them in generating the writing skills. The best part is that it will assist you in maintaining your blog.

It has an excellent interface for the writing posts. And the whole interface is inspired by the famous interface.

3. Youzer – Buddypress Community & WordPress User Profile Plugin

Youzer is a well known WordPress user profiles plugin or says user profiles management solution which works in consolidation with BuddyPress to add to user experience on your website.


What makes Youzer very unique is the modern, responsive and eye-catching design which comes with many profile headers variation ( 14 Header Styles ), powerful admin panel with over 700 options to take the full control over your community, 16 color schemes, +22 profile widgets, +22 WordPress widgets, a very creative 404 profile page and also you will have the ability to add unlimited custom tabs and unlimited custom widgets.

Youzer also comes with an advanced and secure membership system where you can manage signups and it includes the social login and registration, ajax login, login popup, unlimited registration fields, information privacy, captcha, limit login attempts system, hide the dashboard and toolbar for users, +240 forms style and the ability to disable the whole membership system with one click and much more!

Also, Youzer is translated to many languages and it’s integrated with many popular plugins like buddypress, bbpress, woocommerce, mycred, mailchimp. for all these reasons and the ratings that the plugin received and the amazing support they provide, Youzer proved that it is the top community and user profiles plugin in the market.

4. UserPro:

 UserPro Premium Social Login Plugin

This is the best and the premium social login plugin. It will help the users to easily connect to your community along with their social profiles and manage their details

Here in case of BuddyPress powered site, the login is necessary for these types of matter. The whole process is secure and straightforward so that you can start quickly. The users will not have to go through the long registration process.

It comes with some fantastic fonts end registration and login system. The features provided by this plugin are extraordinary, and you should have this plugin on your site.


5. BuddyBoss Inbox:

 BuddyBoss Inbox - BuddyPress Plugin

The message component provided by this plugin is very impressive. But that one is quite limited. It will add necessary features t the given message content.

The plus point of this plugin is that the attachments with the image preview along with the WYSWG text formatting. You can draft the matter, and it will be auto saved instantly. The great thing is that it brings back the messaging experience.

6. BuddyBoss Reply by Email:

 BuddyBoss Reply by Email - BuddyPress Plugin

In any of the BuddyPress platform, the best thing of the community platform is the communication between the members easily. In this, you can have the connection through the messaging system. It also has the activity feed and posts a comment.

The best part is that you will get a notification when someone sends you a message or replied to a topic. Here the liberty is given to the members that they can even respond to the email.

The given reply will be posted instantly to the community. The members do not redirect to the other site.

7. BuddyPress Members Types:

 BuddyPress Members Types - BuddyPress Plugin

If you have the desire and wanted multiple types of customers, then this plugin is for you. The liberty is that you can display the different registration forms. You can just differentiate the types of members.

The moment you have created all types of members the plugin will automatically import them for you. This plugin is best for the community.

8. BuddyPress Featured members:

 BuddyPress Featured members - BuddyPress Plugin

This plugin is for you if you are active on your site regularly. Even you can show the themes as the featured members with the help of this plugin. The admin has all the authority, and you can also mark any members of the featured members.

Add multiple users and the featured members by taking the help of this plugin according to your need. After the selection of the featured members, you can show them on your site just by using the widgets or with the help of the shortcode.

9. BuddyPress Activity Plus:

 BuddyPress Active Plus - BuddyPress Plugin

This plugin will help your users in uploading and share the media on the site. What I think of this theme is for you.

It will add the new three buttons to the BuddyPress activity stream. Through this, it will let your users upload photos, videos. Even they can share web links with everyone on your network.

The features in this plugin are what the members are searching for a social community. Adding these features to your site will take your website to new heights.

10. WangGuard:

WangGuard BuddyPress plugin - BuddyPress Plugin

As everyone thinks about the security of the site so here this is the security plugins for WordPress. This plugin will protect your BuddyPress from any security threats and malware acts.

This plugin will take the responsibility of securing your site and will provide you most advanced protection from all kinds of the suspicious acts on the WordPress platform.

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Final Thought: BuddyPress Plugins: Best Solution For Complete Community

The need for the BuddyPress plugin is if you are creating a quality plugin then it will take more than thousands of dollars. So with BuddyPress, you will get the quickest solution to build a community site. And the cost is minimal that you can afford comfortably.

Just go and use these BuddyPress plugins so that your social community site will get the proper solution. Show your love by sharing this on the entire trending social media platform.

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