Biologique Recherche Unveils the Parisian Skincare Secret

Skincare can be confusing, and with so many options available advice can often be biased. But, for those in the know, the scientific approach at Biologique Recherche is a definite game changer.

Paris is an achingly chic city, and the style, the cuisine, and the über-coolness of Parisians is unsurpassed. They seem effortless. They enjoy rich food and fine wine, and they embrace pleasure, yet they don’t seem to age. Well, around a decade ago I was let on to their secret.

I was still relatively new in my career, and because I spent my days working with dermatologists and spa professionals, I was often privy to insider information about brands that were worth the investment, and those that were not. And after my own research I discovered a miraculous skincare brand that was indeed worth it – Biologique Recherche.

The laboratory of Biologique Recherche was developed more than 45 years ago by Yvette and Josette Allouche (a biologist an physiologist, respectively). Operating exclusively a research and development facility, the pair combined their knowledge to create products for professionals disappointed by the market’s existing selections. Their focus was on the highest grade of efficacious, pure ingredients, and developing a rigorous and meticulous methodology by which to produce the very best of formulas.

In the 2000s their son, Phillipe Allouche, took up the torch, using his parents’ unique framework to evolve the company from R&D to the brand we see today. As an internal physician, he built upon previous research, seeing that skin was connected to all other organs – after witnessing the effect of acute stress when working in the resuscitation unit. He was then joined by his long-time friend Pierre-Louis Delapalme, and together they developed a pharmaceutical-style laboratory where all Biologique Recherche products are created.

I was first introduced to its iconic product, Lotion P50, which is a multifunctional exfoliant, cleanser and purifier. However, the best way to describe it is “instant glowmaker”. The first time I tried it, it was like a dull veil had been lifted, and my skin looked like it does after cardio – dewy and radiant.

Understandably, I’ve been a fan ever since, so it’s easy to imagine my excitement when I was invited by the brand, right here in Bangkok, to have a facial treatment and an in-depth introduction to the whole range. I was led to the treatment room by the APAC Regional Trainer, an expert in the products and facial protocols of the brand. Upon entering the room, I noticed the equipment, and once I had changed into my fluffy robe and slippers, I was sat down for my skin to be diagnosed.

The Biologique Recherche product range is much like a Parisian wardrobe, where each skin regime is fully customisable to what suits the person; perfectly tailored to the individual’s needs. We went through an extensive questionnaire, to address my concerns and any lifestyle factors that could affect skin functionality, then two pieces of diagnostic equipment – the Biologique Recherche Skin Instant Lab© and the VisioLab© – checked my skin’s hydration levels, elasticity, barrier function, and pigmentation. I was quite confident about what my skin needed, prior to the diagnosis, but it turns out that my skin was far, far different than I had thought.

According to the results, which were also emailed to me for my records, my elasticity levels were good, but my hydration levels were far too low and my skin barrier was compromised. There were also some signs of small patches of pigmentation where my skin was uneven. The good news was that my pores were great: I had no blackheads, and there was no acne.

We then spoke at length about why I might have these results. Hormone changes, air conditioning, and intense work hours were all contributing factors, so a personalised facial treatment was created to help combat these issues, with each stage and product carefully chosen to address specific problems.

Starting with a deep cleansing to remove any impurities, Lait E.V was applied and then a P50 lotion to exfoliate. This is followed up by a plumping booster, Soin Restructurant et Lissant, that promotes cellular renewal to truly recondition even the most fragile epidermises. After this, a combination of three different masks were used to restore my epidermis, including Patchs Défatigants to address the dehydration lines around my eyes that I had mentioned as a visible concern. It felt as though my thirsty skin was drinking up the formulas like a desert finally experiencing rainfall.

Once my skin had absorbed the masks, it was time to layer a combination of serums – some highly targeted, and others for general skin health. For the slight pigmentation seen on my skin, Sérum PIGM 400 was used to improve discolouration, as well as brighten and provide photoprotection. We ended with two revitalising creams and a finishing serum.

My skin was now juicy. It was plump, it was illuminated, it was…wow! It’s no hyperbole to say that one woman walked in, and a whole new woman walked out. My dark circles had instantly lightened, my skin was lifted, and the radiance was astounding. The therapist is a master at what she does. She is incredibly knowledgable and her technique is outstanding. Coupled with powerfully effective products, the result is truly skin-changing.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t take the therapist home with me, but within the diagnostic report I received were all the products used, as well as a complete, fool-proof guide on how to apply each step. Armed with all this information, I am ready to nurture my skin in a completely new way. Rather than boxing me into “dry, combination oily, ageing, pigmented”, the whole regime was designed to tackle each and every issue based on a bed of solid science, expert know-how, and potent products.

I’m very selective when it comes to my skincare, as we all should be – pretty packaging means nothing compared to pure, effective ingredients – and Biologique Recherche is truly a brand worth praising. Much like Parisian women, I have found my forever “style”, one that is focused on true quality and fit, and it shall be remaining within my skincare repertoire for years to come.

For more information, visit the Biologique website.

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