BMC Helix: Huisman Equipment’s secret to a drastically improved HR experience

Nearly a century old, Huisman Equipment B.V. designs, manufactures, and services heavy construction equipment for a wide range of industries, including petroleum, renewable energy, naval fleets, and entertainment. The company has a global reputation for providing high-quality service, cost efficiency, and rapid time to value—all while ensuring compliance with relevant regulations as it delivers its solutions.

However, to better empower its employees, Huisman needed to modernize internal processes for service desk tickets across multiple aspects of the business with a centralized, highly automated platform to serve needs across IT, HR, facilities, and maintenance cases.

The company’s old system for managing these tickets had many drawbacks. For starters, it required a great deal of manual work, which tied up so much employee time that it hampered their ability to focus on higher-level tasks that could significantly advance the business. Additionally, because it required so much hands-on labor, the system left sensitive employee data, including personally identifiable information (PII), potentially vulnerable to exposure. And as an on-premises deployment, the technical aspects of the system burned significant IT resources.

To address these challenges, Huisman sought an enterprise service management (ESM) platform. ESM, rooted in IT service management (ITSM), extends the ticket and service management solutions that transformed the IT service desk to address similar service challenges across nearly all non-IT lines of business (LOBs). After assessing ESM platforms from several vendors, Huisman chose BMC Helix to provide a compressive set of solutions to meet the needs across multiple business units. Specifically, Huisman deployed:

  • BMC Helix ITSM: Provides cloud-native IT service management that leverages AI and automation to reduce response time, correlate incidents in real time, and provide proactive problem identification.

BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced: Enables a unified service catalog where employees can single-activate multichannel self-service, submit and check the status of cases, and create personalized user experiences.

  • BMC Helix Business Workflows: Offers a single case management solution across  HR, facilities, and other non-IT LOBs with the flexibility for each business unit to customize and automate workflows intelligently through simple “drag-and-drop” interfaces and embedded AI/ML algorithms for accurate, rapid responses.
  • BMC Helix Discovery: Delivers instant visibility, through a SaaS model, into the entire IT environment mapping hardware, software, and service dependencies that span across mainframe, hyper-converged multi-cloud, and container-based architectures.
  • BMC Helix ITSM – Smart IT: Provides an easy-to-use, web-based report writer for designing reports with rich data visualization, interactive charts, and cross-application data.  With BMC Helix SmartIT, IT teams can access real-time analytics reports on-demand to assess service management performance across KPIs.
  • BMC Helix Knowledge Management: Uses Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS® v6) best practice methodology for intelligent and fast search of self-help knowledge articles, with embedded automatic language translation.

BMC worked with Huisman to configure a complete ESM solution to resolve employee cases quickly, automate workflows, reduce reliance on email handling, and develop 51 initial employee services across HR, IT, Facilities, and Travel housed in a unified catalog accessible from any employee device of choice. In addition, employees can self-manage service needs through more than 100 knowledge base articles.

As a result of its investments with BMC Helix, Huisman was able to reduce the complexity of its service system to achieve:

  • 30x increase in employee self-service adoption
  • 80% reduction in HR-related phone calls
  • 35% reduction in email-based IT requests
  • 25% reduction in manual labor for each service due to intelligent automation
  • 60% improvement in the reliability of its configuration management database (CMDB)

Huisman created all these service management and operational efficiencies while markedly improving the end-user experience for all its employees.

“BMC Customer Success and the BMC Helix SaaS team really helped us out a lot, performance-wise,” said Mildo Stolk, Global IT Manager, Huisman. “They made sure there were no issues at go-live. Everything worked really well.”

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