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Croatian Salaries Take Flight with Average Hitting €1,150

The sunny shores of Croatia aren’t just about stunning beaches and Game of Thrones tours. In June, the average monthly net salary reached a noteworthy €1,150, with a gross of €1,590, as announced by Croatia’s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).

Diving into the NBS’s analysis, there’s a hint of growth in the air! June’s average salary witnessed a nominal increase of 1.5%, and when we adjust for inflation, that’s still a tidy real rise of 0.6% compared to May.

Ever wondered who’s taking home the biggest slice of the Croatian kuna cake? The aviation sector soared with an average salary of €1,943. However, it’s a different story in the clothing manufacturing sector, where the average dips to a more humble €742.

A fun little tidbit from the NBS: the median net salary in June was £991, painting a picture where half of the workers earned below this, while the other half flew above. 

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