Do You Really Need A Makeup Primer? A Beauty Expert Explains

Primers, often silicone-based, are meant to be applied before your foundation and concealer, but why? “Primers help to prepare the skin, allowing for better and longer-lasting makeup application,” Sasha Core exclusively tells Glam. She goes on to reveal that primer can help hold your makeup onto your face for longer. “Without primer, your makeup may fade after just a few hours,” she adds. “With primer, it should stay put all day long.” That sounds like an amazing promise, right?

Core adds that a good primer can also help to even out your skin tone, absorb oil to assist with a matte finish, smooth out imperfections, and can even provide protection from sun damage. Overall, taking the time to apply a primer before putting on your base makeup products is the best way to “make it easier to apply foundation and concealer for a more flawless-looking complexion,” she assures us. 

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