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FRAME x Diemme “The Empathetic Boot:” Release Information

When you’re knees deep in sneakers, battling the weekly struggles of raffles and resale, switching up your rotation to include a “post-sneaker” selection isn’t the easiest of tasks. Fortunately, FRAME’s rework of Diemme is so good you won’t even have to think about it.

Diemme. Whether you think you’re familiar with the brand or not, trust me, you are. When a set of boots is so good that Frank Ocean rocks them with shorts and a durag, whipping around the city in summer, you know you’re onto a winner.

Regarded as one of the industry’s leading boot manufacturers, Diemme has reinvented the wheel – the wheel being classic hiking styles made fit for dialed-up city looks. Now, match that with a hefty dose of American luxury, and what do you get? Well, I’d imagine something quite like the FRAME x Diemme “The Empathetic Boot.”

While the name of the collaboration might suggest it, this set of boots isn’t about to replace your therapist; they will, however, give your feet the cuddle they’re longing for.

While it’s hard to make Diemme boots better, FRAME has achieved just that with flying colors. The result of a focused look at taking a classic winter boot shape, well suited to cold-weather hikes, The Empathetic Boot is highly stylized with reflective typography graphics and a stealthy black construction.

Handmade with the highest possible Italian-made standards, the boots feature a water-resistant black nylon upper with a lightweight, high-performing Vibram sole. Extra ankle support and padded inner lining boost the boots’ stability and support, while silver metal eyelets further elevate the luxurious aesthetic of the pair.

Available now via FRAME’s stores, both physical and online, pairs are unlikely to hang around long, given the popularity of Diemme’s seasonal drops.

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