Global Sustainable Development Report (GSDR) 2023

SDG implementation is achieved primarily at the local, national, and regional level. To inform the GSDR as an assessment of assessments, the Independent Group of Scientists (IGS) is conducting a series of regional consultations with policy makers, experts, and practitioners in different geographic regions to gather insights from a diverse range of local perspectives and experiences. Consultations are conducted both virtually and in-person

The IGS are collecting perspectives from different regions and stakeholders including context specific priorities, challenges, and opportunities as well as scalable, practical tools to accelerate progress. In these consultations, the IGS are seeking perspectives from scientists, government officials in their technical capacities, private sector experts, members of civil society, youth, indigenous people, people with disabilities, and stakeholders at all levels. 

Please see below for further information on each consultation.


Recent & Upcoming Regional Consultations

Latin America and the Caribbean, 7-9 November, Peru | Summary Report available here.

Africa, 14-16 November, Senegal | Summary Report available here.

Asia and the Pacific, 28-30 November, Philippines | Summary Report available here.

Africa, 30 November – 2 December, Malawi | Summary Report available here.

Western Asia, 24-25 January 2023, Qatar | Summary Report available here.

Australia and the Pacific: Monash Sustainable Development Institute (MSDI) is engaging with stakeholders across Australia and the Pacific to capture the challenges and opportunities presented by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) framework, with a specific focus on contributing to the Global Sustainable Development Report. Details are here.

Japan: On 29 March the Japan SDGs Action Promotion Council, in partnership with UNDESA, hosted the Japan SDGs Action Forum with a designated GSDR Sessions. Please see the programme here. Summary Report available here.**

China: On 2-3 December 2021, the Research Institute for Eco-civilization and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (RIEco) co-hosted the Symposium on Global Sustainable Development Report 2023 (GSDR2023) and China’s SDG Progress and Practices, with support from UNDESA. Summary Report available here.**


Regional Consultations


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