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Number 1 Recommended: SHARISMA

Recognised for its highly innovative rejuvenation supplements which promote better health down to the cellular level, Sharisma recently introduced SharisFiber, which focuses on balancing the digestive system and gut health with pure natural soluble prebiotic fibre. The Japanese peach-flavoured powder has an appealing scent and can be conveniently mixed into drinks. This is a great product to aid the digestive system, as it helps to promote the growth and strength of good bacteria or probiotics and boosts the immune system too. It can also reduce the levels of fat and sugar in the body by absorbing the excess consuming fat and sugar. One packet contains 8,000+ milligrams of fibre, which equates to seven big bowls of salad.

Additionally, the packet contains five water soluble fibres, including Fibregum, which is clinically proven to help reduce constipation, flatulence, and diarrhoea while boosting immunity and balancing the blood sugar levels, and Fructooligosaccharide (FOS), which is extracted from beet sugar has similar perks and encourages the body to better absorb minerals.

Other powerhouse ingredients include: Xylo-oligosaccharides (XOS), which acts as prebiotics and helps absorb toxins in the digestive system; Inulin, which is great for reducing cholesterol levels and the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream; and Apple Fibre, which works in similar ways. The remaining ingredients are made up of eight high-grade plant and fruit extracts: artichoke, peach, beetroot, red raspberry, lemon, belleric myrobalan, terminalia, and Indian gooseberry.


Blackmores is one of Australia’s best health supplement companies, and they specifically highlight the use of natural ingredients in their products. According to founder Maurice Blackmore, the business was established to help improve client’s quality of life and wellness via ingestions of natural health products. The company now offers a range of supplements including vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other natural nutrients. In May 1985, Blackmore was also listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, and in 2017 the company was inducted into the Queensland Business Leaders Hall of Fame.


With products and services supported by scientific research, Swisse emerged as one of the global brands for premium health care and supplement products. Sourcing high-quality ingredients across the region for almost 60 years, Swisse is one of the most respected wellness brands from Australia. It is especially known for products that support healthy bones, and restoring nutrients such as vitamin D and calcium to the body. Moreover, Swisse offers health care advisors who are are available for wellness checkups via telephone calls.

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