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How Is Apple Music’s Discovery Station Different From the New Music Playlist?

With the addition of Apple Music’s Discovery Station, many users are left wondering how it differs from the New Music Mix playlist, given the two features’ shared goal of helping you find new music.

If you’re one of those users, we’re here to break it down for you. Continue reading to learn what makes Apple Music’s Discovery Station and New Music Mix different.

Apple Music’s Discovery Station Works Like a Radio Station

The first difference is found in one of the two features’ names: Apple Music’s Discovery Station is an actual station, while New Music Mix is a playlist. However, given the inclusion of the word “mix” in its name”, we can understand why anyone who isn’t familiar with the playlist might think it’s a station.

Naturally, this means the two function differently. Discovery Station works similarly to other stations on Apple Music. If you’re new to Apple Music and don’t know those work, it’s almost like how traditional radio stations work.

Conversely, New Music Mix operates like any other playlist on the app. However, it plays new releases curated by Apple Music on your behalf, taking its cues from the artists you like and have in your library. You don’t create the playlist yourself.

Discovery Station Includes Songs You Haven’t Heard

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If you’re familiar with how Apple Music’s New Music Mix works, you might ask yourself why there’s a need for a similar solution in the Discovery Station. But they don’t quite work the same.

While they both help you discover new music based on your preferences, Discovery Station achieves that by showing you music you likely haven’t heard through the app—even if those are old releases.

New Music Mix, on the other hand, is strictly geared toward new drops as they’re released commercially.

Apple Music’s Discovery Station Is Ongoing

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With Apple Music’s Discovery Station, you can keep listening indefinitely. There doesn’t seem to be a limit to how many songs it includes. I skipped as much as I could without interruption or issue. If you’re in the mood for something new and have plenty of time and patience, this option is for you.

This is unlike the New Music Mix playlist, which has a 25-track limit. While every user’s New Music Mix playlist looks different, no one is exempt from the track limit. The playlist is updated weekly, so if you’re keen to hear something new that tickles your fancy, you must wait until the following Friday. But Discovery Station gives you something fresh with each skip and on a daily basis.

Discovery Station Focuses on Finding New Music for You

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Apple Music’s Discovery Station places emphasis on helping you discover new songs. That’s why you’ll find songs from artists you may know but haven’t heard before. The New Music Mix playlist has a different focus: highlighting new artists. However, they’re typically in the same lane as the ones you normally listen to, so you can expect similar vibes.

By pushing new songs that artists have released through the New Music Mix playlist, Apple Music helps to give them more exposure. But it also helps you find new artists whose music you can explore, so both parties win.

There are several actions you can take as you explore your Discovery Station and New Music Mix playlist. You can like songs, give them a thumbs down, add them to your library, and more to help Apple Music improve its suggestions. These are essential tips that Apple Music users should know.

Which One Should You Listen To?

As for when to use Discovery Station and New Music Mix, it depends on what’s driving you at the time. Do you feel like exploring songs you may have missed from your favorite artists over the years? Open your Discovery Station. And if you’re curious about what’s making waves at the moment but not too out of left field, play the New Music Mix playlist.

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