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How to Add a Manager to Your YouTube Channel

When you start, managing your channel and creating content is pretty straightforward. But the more you grow, the harder it becomes to be a jack of all trades. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone; you can get a channel manager to help you out. A manager is someone who has special permissions inside your YouTube channel, so you can focus on what you love the most: content creation.

If you want some help with your channel, here’s why you should consider getting a channel manager and how to add them to your YouTube channel.

What Is a YouTube Manager, and Why Would You Need One?

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A YouTube manager is another account you grant access to control your YouTube channel. While they can’t delete your YouTube channel, a manager can help you with things like your content calendar, uploading and scheduling videos, and much more.

The YouTube manager role can be paid or voluntary, depending on the work volume. If paid, the salary range of a YouTube channel manager varies, depending on negotiations and agreements.

If you have a smaller channel, you’re probably wondering if you actually need a manager. Of course, there’s no straight answer; it’ll all depend on your specific situation. With that said, here are reasons why you need a YouTube channel Manager:

  • Hiring a YouTube channel manager helps you get more productive and focus on other tasks while they strategize your content for SEO.
  • Since a YouTube manager interacts with your viewers, they can recommend engaging videos to grow your viewership.
  • Having a manager can help you partner with other brands, increasing your channel’s authority.
  • A YouTube manager assists with technical aspects of video uploading, fine-tuning, and editing. They also manage revenue generation and content marketing.

What Can a YouTube Manager Do to Your YouTube Channel?

So what are the roles of a YouTube manager? When you give someone the role of manager, they’ll have special permissions, including:

  • A YouTube manager can upload, promote, edit, and delete videos on your YouTube channel.
  • Managers can assign roles and add or remove other managers, editors, and viewers.
  • Like the owner, a YouTube manager can delete and moderate comments and ban viewers from your YouTube channel.
  • They can view your channel’s analytics, including the revenue dashboard.
  • Although a YouTube manager can’t delete a YouTube channel, they can edit its details, including the channel’s name and description.

How to Add a Manager to Your YouTube Channel

Now that you know the importance of a YouTube channel Manager, let’s quickly see how you can add one to your channel:

  1. Go to YouTube Studio on a web browser.
  2. Click Settings on the left sidebar.
  3. From the modal, go to Permissions. If you’ve never added managers, you’ll see two options: Manage Permissions and Move Permissions. Click Move Permissions to import all permission settings into YouTube Studio.
    YouTube Studio Settings menu

  4. After moving permissions to YouTube Studio, click Invite at the top-right.
    YouTube Studio Manager invitation settings

  5. Next, type the email address of the person you want to add as a manager in the Email field.
  6. Click the Access dropdown and select Manager.
  7. Click Done, then Save.
    Adding an email address

Once added, YouTube will notify the manager with an option to accept the invitation via email. If they accept, the manager will get immediate access to your YouTube channel. They can go to the YouTube channels they manage by switching accounts on YouTube or YouTube Studio. They only need to click their profile icon at the top-right and then go to Switch account.

Get a Skillfull Manager for Your YouTube Channel

Having a YouTube manager can help your channel grow. However, you need to be sure to pick someone with experience. Preferably, you want someone with a demonstrable track record of growing a YouTube channel. In addition to SEO skills, a channel manager must possess video editing, marketing, and project management skills.

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