How to Fix Blurry Pictures: 3 Ways

Whether you’re an aspiring photographer, Instagrammer, or just someone who hoards photos in their gallery, knowing how to fix blurry pictures is a skill you’ll be thankful to have.

Realistically, if a photo is blurred to the point where it’s hard to make out the details, you won’t be able to fully recover it, and even AI might not be able to save it. If a picture simply needs a little touch-up, a standard photo editing program should do the trick.

Here, we’ll demonstrate the best ways to make blurry pictures clear using computer software, an online tool, and a mobile app. Let’s jump right in.

1. How to Fix Blurry Pictures With Picverse (Windows and Mac)

First up, we’ve got Movavi Picverse, available for both Mac and Windows. It’s a comprehensive photo editing software that uses AI to edit your photos, making for a speedy workflow.

To fix a blurry picture with Picverse:

  1. Load up the software and add your photo. You can either drag it straight into the editor or go to File > Open and select your image from your computer.
  2. Locate the Adjust tab in the Tools panel to the right.

  3. You could select Automatically, and Picverse’s AI technology will do its best to fix everything in the photo that it senses needs fixing. However, this might not give you the result you want.
  4. If you select Manually, you’ll be taken to Manual mode with a bunch of adjustable tools.
  5. Scroll down to the Detail tab. Sharpness and Details are the tools we’re looking for here.
  6. Turn up the Sharpness slider. Careful not to turn it too high, or your photo might end up looking grainy.
  7. Now, turn up the Details slider. This tool is like a little magic wand that fine-tunes everything in the photo.

  8. If you want to add a final touch, scroll up to the AI Adjust tab (still in Manual mode), click on Enhance, turn up the slider to your liking, and hit Apply.


There you go. You should see a significant reduction in the blur of your photo. To save your image, go to File at the top and Save from there. Keep in mind that you’ll need to pay to remove the watermark.

Download: Movavi Picverse for Windows | Mac (Free, subscription available)

2. How to Fix Blurry Pictures With Fotor (Browser)

Next up, we’ve got one of our favorite browser-based photo editors, Fotor. You don’t need to create an account to use the editor, but you do need one to save the results later on, so go ahead and create an account, or sign in with your Google ID.

To fix a blurry image with Fotor:

  1. Go to the Fotor website, and from the Get a Quick Start tab, select Photo Editor. Click on Upload a photo, and you’ll be directed to the editor.
  2. Drag in your image or click on Open Image to select one from your device.
  3. Ensure you’re on the Adjust tab in the left panel.
  4. Go down to Basic Adjust.

  5. Sharpness is the tool you want here. Turn up the slider to your liking. Don’t turn it up too high, or your image will end up looking grainy.

  6. We recommend turning up the Contrast just a smidge while you’re still in Basic Adjust.

That’s it. To save your photo, hit Download at the top right, set your image properties, and select the location. This method is free, and you won’t get a watermark on your photo. You can pay to get access to more advanced features, however.

3. How to Fix Blurry Pictures With Remini (Mobile)

Finally, we’ve got Remini, available on both Android and iOS. This app packs a punch. Its powerful AI technology can enhance just about anything, and it enhances the entire composition, not just the main subject like some other AI-enhancing tools.

To fix a blurry picture with Remini:

  1. Open up the app, and you can pick a photo straight away from the Suggested section. Otherwise, tap Other Photos and find your picture in your photo album.
  2. A popup will appear. If you want to pay for the Pro version, tap the bottom Enhance + tab. But you can do all of this for free if you’re willing to watch a 30-second ad; just select the top Enhance tab.
  3. Tap the little X Reward granted tab in the top corner once the ad is done.
  4. While the ad was playing, Remini was doing its magic in the background. You’ll be directed to a window with your results.
  5. Drag the slider with the little arrows to see the before and after. You can tap on the second preview icon at the bottom to get a close-up look at the results.
  6. To download your photo, tap the little arrow icon in the top right and select Save. Unfortunately, you’ll have to watch another 30-second long ad, but it’s worth it.

The results are very impressive. However, this doesn’t mean its enhancements are always correct; check out our in-depth guide on Remini to learn more about its limitations.

Download: Remini for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

Tips for Fixing Blurry Pictures

Whenever you’re attempting to unblur a picture in a photo editing program, turn up the contrast and turn down the highlights and shadows while you’re at it. This doesn’t fix the blur, but it does make the image pop a little more, giving the illusion that it’s been enhanced. Play around with all the basic adjustment settings to see what you can come up with.

Always look for settings beyond your basic adjustment tools; Details and Enhance in Picverse are good examples of additional tools that can help fix blurry images. In Photoshop, the Smart Sharpen tool is a great way to fix blurry pictures.

If you’re looking for a quick way to fix a blurry image without turning on a computer or opening an editing program, you can do it on your smartphone’s default photo app. Read our full guide on using the Sharpen tool in Google Photos. And on iPhone, find your image in the Photos app, tap Edit, scroll to Sharpness, and turn it up.

Lastly, the best way to tackle blurry photos is at the source. We’ve got a full guide on how to avoid taking blurry photos. Summed up; hold your camera still, invest in a tripod, use a faster shutter speed, and turn down the ISO.

Get Crystal Clear Pictures

Few things are more annoying than a blurry image; it can ruin special or spontaneous moments that you wanted to capture. Perhaps you simply want an enhanced version of a photo you saved from the internet. Luckily, there are solutions.

You now have several methods at your disposal for fixing blurry images. Refer back to this guide next time you end up with a blurry shot.

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