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How to Get a Custom Netflix Profile Picture

Every Netflix account can have up to five profiles, each with its own recommendations, settings, and customizations. When you create a profile, Netflix assigns you a default profile picture, which you can change from a selection of Netflix-approved avatars. But it doesn’t allow you to select a custom picture.

Let’s show you how to get a custom Netflix profile picture on desktop with the help of a browser extension.

How to Get a Custom Profile Picture on Netflix

You can change your Netflix profile picture from the site or app, but you’ll have to choose something from Netflix’s selection and can’t upload your own image. To set a custom Netflix profile picture, you need a Google Chrome browser extension called “Custom profile picture for Netflix“.

Once in the Google Chrome Store, click Add to Chrome, and select Add Extension from the pop-up. If you’re already signed in to your Netflix account, you’ll automatically be directed to the profile page in a new tab after installation. If not, sign in to your account and stay on the profile page when you’re prompted to select a profile.

Then follow the steps below to upload a custom profile picture on Netflix. Note that this is a local change only—while your profile picture will look different for you on your browser, it won’t be updated in the Netflix app on your phone or any other device.

Setting Up the Custom Profile Picture for Netflix Google Chrome Extension

  1. Click the Extensions icon at the top right of the Google Chrome tab.
  2. Select Custom profile picture for Netflix.
  3. In the Custom profile picture box, select the Netflix profile you want to make the changes to from the Profile dropdown.
  4. Under Image, click Upload your picture. You’ll be directed to your computer files.
  5. Locate the image you want to use, select it, and click Open. Note that the extension only allows images of 5MB or smaller.
  6. Once your picture is uploaded, you can alter its position with the icons in the Alignment box. These icons act as a type of cropping tool to ensure your picture sits where you want it to in the frame. You’ll see it move in real-time as you’re clicking on the icons.
  7. When you’re happy with the placement of the image, click away from the extension to close it, reload the Netflix page, and you’ll see your new, custom Netflix profile picture.

It’s that easy, and now your profile is more personalized. Uploading a custom profile picture is just one of the ways to make Netflix better for you.

Get a Custom Netflix Profile Picture

The profile picture selection that Netflix offers is quite limited, but you’ve still got options. Using a Google Chrome extension and these easy instructions, you can upload any picture you desire to your Netflix profile.

Now you’ve got your profile picture sorted, it’s time to consider other ways to improve your Netflix experience.

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