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How to Play Letterle

Looking for an alternative to Wordle? Letterle could be the game for you. Unlike Wordle, Letterle is all about selecting the correct letter of the day—plus, you have 26 tries to guess it correctly, so it’s impossible to lose! We’ve covered everything you need to know about this super simple game, so you can enter the alphabetic fray as soon as possible.


[Edit]Play Letterle at

  1. Letterle is totally free to play on your computer or mobile device. It was originally created by web developer Ed Jefferson and is currently live on his website. It’s playable on any device that can run Javascript.
    Play Letterle Step 1.jpg

[Edit]Select a letter.

  1. Use the on-screen keyboard to make your selection. Tap or click on whatever letter you’d like to guess first. You have unlimited guesses in Letterle, so don’t worry about messing up![1]
    Play Letterle Step 2.jpg

[Edit]See if the letter is green or gray.

  1. The tile lights up green for a correct guess and gray for an incorrect guess. Each incorrect letter also gets grayed out on the keyboard after you click or tap on it.[2]
    Play Letterle Step 3.jpg
    • Since Letterle guesses are either right or wrong, you won’t see any gold-colored tiles like you would in Wordle.

[Edit]Guess again if the letter you selected turns gray.

  1. Continue choosing different letters until you win. It’s not common to win Letterle on the first try, so keep guessing other letters from the keyboard until you pick the winner.[3]
    Play Letterle Step 4.jpg
    • Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get a good score at first—you can always just refresh and try again!

[Edit]Try different strategies.

  1. Letterle is luck-based so you’re not limited to one approach. Chances are, you won’t run into the same winning letter 2 games in a row—so, you have a slightly better chance of guessing the correct letter during the next game if you avoid the letters from the previous games. You can also try guessing letters in alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order.
    Play Letterle Step 5.jpg
    • Try switching between consonants and vowels instead of guessing a long string of consonants.

[Edit]Share your score on social media.

  1. Copy and paste your Letterle score on Twitter or another platform. After you win, a pop-up box appears, telling you how many guesses it took you. Beneath this text is a green “Share” button, which copies your results to your clipboard. From there, simply paste them onto Twitter, Facebook, or another social media platform of your choice.
    Play Letterle Step 6.jpg

[Edit]Replay the game as much as you’d like.

  1. Letterle isn’t limited to a daily game like Wordle. You’re free to play it as often as you’d like—just refresh your screen to restart the game.
    Play Letterle Step 7.jpg
    • Chances are, you won’t run into the same winning letter 2 games in a row—so, you have a slightly better chance of guessing the correct letter during the next game.


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