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How to Pre-Fill Responses in Google Forms

If you send out Google Forms that require the same answers, you can save your responders’ time by pre-filling certain fields.

Sometimes, a Google form is used simply for capturing opinion by way of a straightforward survey. At other times, a Google Form is the preferred mode of tracking work progress and ticket completion.

Whether you’re tracking progress or need to capture other repetitive task completion, you can have your Google Form pre-filled before you sent it out. This will save your responders time and effort, as they can avoid filling in each entry to the form each time it needs to be submitted.

Here’s how to pre-fill a Google Form with answers to questions, before you send it out.

How to Set Up Your Google Form With Pre-Filled Answers

If you’ve decided to use Google Forms for your business, pre-filling your Google form before you send it out may be a good idea. It is easy and can be done with a few clicks. Here’s how to pre-fill a Google Form, if you own it—that is, if you’ve created it or have edit access.

  1. Open the Google Form you’ve created.
    Start wit the three-dot menu for a pre-filled Google Form

  2. Click on the three dot menu and select Get pre-filled link.
    Pre-filled link option in Google Forms

  3. A new window/tab will open with a preview of the form.
    Select pre-filled responses in your Google form

  4. Select the responses you want pre-filled and click on the Get link button at the bottom.
    Chose which answers are to be pre-filled in the Google form

  5. A link to your pre-filled Google Form will be generated. Click on Copy link.
    Get your pre-filled Google form link

  6. Copy this link to a text or word file and use it for submitting responses to your Google Form to save time when capturing the information you need.

If you desire more punch with your questionnaire manager, there are several great Google Forms add-ons you can look into.

Capturing Data on Repeated Tasks Is Easier With a Pre-Filled Google Form

Pre-filling a Google Form before you send it out is especially useful for tracking work order data, where the issue is, more often than not, the same. This simple method of having a Google Form pre-filled with common, recurring responses can save you or your workforce the tedious hassle of repeated selection.

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