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How to View HomeKit Security Notifications on Your Apple TV

The Apple Home app does an excellent job of keeping us informed about the status of our smart homes through our iPhones and iPads. But what about those times when we are binge-watching the latest shows or catching up with a hot new movie release?

Well, if you have an Apple TV streaming box, you can settle in for your next movie night while staying up-to-date with HomeKit notifications right on the big screen. We’ll show you how to enable notifications for all your security accessories.

What You’ll Need to Enable Apple TV HomeKit Notifications

tvOS 16 HomeKit Security Accessory Notification

Enabling HomeKit security notifications on the big screen only takes a few clicks of the Siri Remote. However, you’ll need to meet a few basic requirements before you can control your smart home with an Apple TV.

First, you must ensure your Apple TV is up-to-date with the latest software version of tvOS. Then, if you still need to do so, you’ll need to add a compatible smart home product to Apple HomeKit.

Apple Home Key Displayed on an iPhone in Front of a Level Lock Plus Door Lock
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While you can technically control any HomeKit or Matter smart home accessory through the Apple TV if you create scenes in the Apple Home app, only certain device types support notifications. Currently, notifications on the big screen are limited to only smart security accessories.

Compatible devices include smart door locks, garage door openers, home security alarms, cameras, and video doorbells. Unfortunately, other security devices, such as motion detectors, smoke and carbon monoxide monitors, water leak sensors, and door/window sensors, are left out in the cold at this time.

Finally, you’ll need to sign in to your Apple TV with the same Apple ID you use for your HomeKit setup. With those requirements out of the way, you are now ready to enable notifications.

How to Enable HomeKit Notifications For Your Security Accessories

By default, the Apple TV will display notifications for all your HomeKit security accessories when you add them to the Home app. However, you can deactivate notifications if you want to hide them for specific accessories, and activate them anytime in the Settings app on your TV.

Start by clicking the Settings icon on your Apple TV. Next, highlight and click AirPlay and HomeKit.

From here, scroll down and click Security Accessories. Now, using the touchpad, locate the accessory that you wish to turn notifications on or off for.

Finally, click the accessory to toggle the notification setting. When complete, hit the Back button or the Home button on your Siri Remote to exit and save your changes.

How to Adjust HomeKit Permissions for TV Remote Controls

Like security accessory notifications, the Apple TV will allow anyone in your home to control your smart devices with the Siri Remote through Control Center by default. If you’re concerned about unauthorized access, Apple provides alternative options in Settings.

To change this setting, first, click Settings from your Home Screen. Next, click AirPlay and HomeKit.

Now, highlight Security Accessories, then click it with your Siri remote. From here, click the Control option at the top of your screen.

You should now see three options for controlling your HomeKit accessories. Depending on your preference, click either Don’t Allow, Allow with Apple TV Remotes, or Allow with All Remotes.

Stay in the Loop With HomeKit Notifications on Your Apple TV

With notifications enabled for your HomeKit door locks, garage door, or cameras, you’ll always know the status of your smart home. For even more peace of mind, you can view your HomeKit cameras and doorbells at all times on the big screen—which is perfect for times when you are not binge-watching Netflix or Apple TV+.

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