‘I didn’t have that support’: Did Prince Harry just diss the Royal Family in his new docu-series Heart of Invictus?

Prince Harry might have just taken a sly dig at the Royal Family. In his new docu-series Heart of Invictus, he admitted that he had trauma after he returned from the Afghanistan tour in 2012. For the unversed, Harry lost his mother, Princess Diana to an accident in 1997 when he was just a child, and recently the Duke of Sussex revealed he had deep hidden trauma about her passing, but it came to the surface after he returned.

Prince Harry had no one to help him after his tour to Afghanistan

In his recently released Netflix docuseries Heart Of Invictus, Prince Harry discussed his mental health issues upon returning from his 2012 Afghanistan tour. The series follows a cohort of service members on their journey to the Paralympic-style sports event that Harry established in 2014. After acknowledging his feelings of anger following his return from his tour, Prince Harry revealed that he lacked the necessary support system, connections, and professional guidance to recognize the true nature of his emotions.

He said, he “didn’t have that support structure, that network, or that expert advice to identify actually what was going on.” Reportedly, his return from Afghanistan acted as a catalyst, rekindling unresolved trauma stemming from the tragic passing of his mom, Princess Diana all the way back in 1997. It was only when he found himself in a vulnerable state, “lying on the floor in the fetal position,” that he began to think about getting therapy.

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What exactly triggered Prince Harry’s trauma?

In what can be taken as a dig to the Royal Family, Harry remarked, “Look, I can only speak for my personal experience, my tour of Afghanistan in 2012 flying Apaches, somewhere after that there was an unraveling and the trigger for me was actually returning from Afghanistan.” The 38-year-old revealed his biggest struggle was that “no-one around” him could help him, as he had no “support structure that network or that expert advice to identify what was actually going on” with him at that point. 

Meanwhile, he was quick to admit that he had suppressed his feelings about his mother’s passing, and it came out way later when his mental health was at its worst.

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