King Charles Is Upset Over Prince William Charging Him Rent in Wales

Now that Prince William has taken over his dad’s Duke of Cornwall title, he’s inherited a ton of land and money (it’s literally called the Duchy of Cornwall). And apparently the Duchy owns some cute cottage called called Llwynywermod that then-Prince Charles bought and restored for £1.2 million in 2007.

Though….it seems like less of a cottage and more of a super fancy house. Either way, the property was purchased through the Duchy of Cornwall, which means Prince William technically owns it now.

prince of wales and duchess of cornwall wales visit day one

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And apparently Wills is not playing around, because not only did he inform his dad that he’ll have to start paying rent at the property, he also said King Charles needs to move all of his stuff out of the home so that it’s available for as a regular holiday rental. So, how does King Charles feel about this development? Largely “miffed,” according to the Daily Mail, which is British for vaguely pissed.

“The King was quite miffed but that was the deal,” a source tells the outlet. “It means he can continue to stay there but he will pay rent to the Duchy and the rest of the time it will be rented out. The King has agreed to pay for the topiary upkeep as he doesn’t want to see all the good work in the grounds go to waste.”

Turns out the home will be available to rent after September, which means if you take the opportunity to visit, you could be staying there right after King Charles and his travel companion teddy bear.

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