Leo Season Is Coming In Hot To Fuel Your Deepest Passions

Leo — represented by the bold and majestic lion — is a fixed fire sign. Occurring in the middle of a season, fixed signs embody the energy of that season. They also embody the definition of ‘fixed’ — they are immovable in their opinions and their loyalties. If you have a Leo in your life, you know how both stubborn and fiercely loyal individuals born under this sign can be.

During Leo season, everyone can expect to feel the effects of the sign’s signature boldness. If you’ve been thinking about reaching out to a potential love interest but haven’t yet found the courage, Leo season is likely to deliver it to you on a silver platter. Be prepared to also feel the urge to pull the trigger on any non-essential purchases you’ve been holding off on.

You’ll be more likely to say yes to dates, social events, and fitness, work, or personal development challenges when the sun is in Leo. If you’re someone who is usually more reserved, look at Leo season as a chance to put yourself out there and finally be seen. If you’re already on the sassy and confident side, be prepared to possibly reel it in a bit. 

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