Oracle updates Fusion Cloud suites to aid healthcare firms

The AI-based dynamic scheduler can also be taught to consider the needs of patients and adherence to complex union rules, the company said, adding that HR and operational leaders can prioritize multiple business and employee needs, such as preferred and required hours, location or service line requirements, and other worker preferences.

Other tools, clubbed under the umbrella of employee-driven scheduling tools, are also included in the Workforce Scheduling and Workforce Labor Optimization. These tools allow employees to create and manage their schedules, request shift swaps, and claim shift opportunities that align with operational needs, Rachelson said.

The self-service scheduling tools, which can be accessed on any device, will help healthcare workers save time and gain more control of their schedule, Rachelson said.

Updates to procurement, financial reporting applications

Oracle has also updated several existing applications within its EPM, ERP, and SCM Fusion Cloud suites in order to better support healthcare enterprises, Rachelson said.

In its EPM Fusion Cloud, the company has tweaked several features to allow healthcare enterprises to take advantage of AI and automation for financial consolidation and reporting.

These tweaks are expected to streamline corporate reorganization and acquisitions, and enhance planning and decision-making while ensuring required governance, the company said.

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