Oracle’s Fusion Cloud CX, ERP, and SCM get generative AI features

Guided Campaigns for marketing teams in Fusion CX Cloud

Marketing applications inside Fusion CX Cloud have been updated to provide a new capability called Guided Campaigns, which will provide a step-by-step process to launch personalized, brand-approved campaigns that automatically qualify leads and deliver them directly to sellers as conversion-ready opportunities, the company said.

Guided Campaigns use common marketing techniques, such as targeted account selling, to nurture leads and promote events.

For sales applications, the company is offering an AI-based account linking capability that automatically detects and connects relevant account record in Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP to provide sales teams with actionable insights.

Sellers can also take advantage of the Assistant’s sales orchestration features, which can generate  recommendations for complex sales scenarios, the company said. .

Generative AI-powered Oracle Celebrate added to Fusion Cloud HCM

In an effort to help enterprises augment their employee retention strategies, Oracle is adding a new application, dubbed Oracle Celebrate, as part of its ME employee experience suite, which comes as part of Fusion Cloud HCM. 

Oracle Celebrate comes with a generative AI assistant designed to enable employees to strengthen peer-to-peer recognition by recommending improvements to the ideas they submit, the company said.

Other capabilities of Oracle Celebrate include event-based awards based on nominations, points redemption, a dashboard for recognition insights, and employee engagement data.  

The new Celebrate application is expected to be rolled out within the next six months, the company said.

Other updates to Oracle Fusion Cloud suites include changes to Oracle’s Fusion Analytics Warehouse.

A new analytics platform, Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence Platform, comes with data models, prescriptive AI and machine learning models, and the capability to build intelligent applications that “go beyond insights and recommend intelligent actions that improve business outcomes,” the company said, adding that this feature is expected to be rolled out in the next calendar year.

Oracle did not immediately provide details on pricing for the new features and applications.

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