Our Place’s New Wonder Oven Gave My Beloved Air Fryer a Run for Its Money

If there was an award for “person who uses an air fryer the most,” I would have a serious shot at winning it. I’m not kidding—I use it for everything.

I regularly roast crispy chicken, bake salmon, heat leftovers, whip up my meal kit recipes (more about that here), and even bake cookies. Besides making mealtime quick and easy, air fryers have allowed me to ignore my massive 1960s-era oven in my New York City apartment (a.k.a. the appliance that turns my home into a sauna anytime I switch it on).

Since so much of my cooking centers around air frying, I was thrilled when I got the opportunity to test out Our Place’s newest aesthetically-pleasing product: The Wonder Oven. A week or so later, the lovely sandy-colored 6-in-1 air fryer and toaster oven arrived at my door—and I couldn’t wait to see if it was just as enjoyable and simple to use as I’d heard. After getting well-acquainted with it, here are my thoughts on the buzzy appliance.

What makes the Our Place Wonder Oven stand out

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Our Place is known for making top-notch products that get the job done, and look good while doing so (pastel-colored Dutch ovens, pretty multifunctional pans and pots you actually want to leave on the stove—need we say more?). Because of this, I wasn’t surprised to find many noteworthy features that make The Wonder Oven a must-have:

Attractive design

This may be one of the nicest looking air fryer combos on the market right now. Most other options are bulky with a monotonous design, and often look like something you’d find on a spaceship (and not in a fun, fantastical way). The Wonder Oven, design-wise, is the opposite—it’s compact, chic, and looks nice sitting on a kitchen countertop. It also comes in a few different colors, like char (gray), steam (a sandy beige), blue salt, and the limited edition spice (pale pink orange).

It also reminds me a bit of an Easy Bake Oven (maybe it’s the ding when the timer is up), which was one of my favorite toys growing up, so that’s a nostalgic bonus.

Easy to use

The Wonder Oven is very straightforward, with just three dials—one for temperature, one for cooking function, and one that works as a timer. After setting it up, all you have to do is adjust each knob to your desired temperature (200 to 400 degrees), function (air fry, bake, roast, toast, reheat, and broil), and time (0 to 60 minutes). I was honestly taken aback by how easy it was to operate—the first time I used the oven, I kept rechecking the manual and Googling “how-to instructions” to ensure I didn’t accidentally skip anything. If you’re someone who shies away from excess smart technology or digital interfaces in your appliances, you’ll appreciate the Wonder Oven’s simplicity.

Multifunctional design

Multifunctionality is a bit of a theme at Our Place (cue the do-it-all Always Pans), and the Wonder Oven doesn’t disappoint in this area. This countertop appliance can air fry tofu, bake salmon, broil meat, roast veggies, toast bread, reheat restaurant leftovers, and so much more. It heats up in around two minutes (score!) and uses a 360-degree design to blast food with hot air from all angles.

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