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Number 1 Recommended: ALPHA MEDICAL CLINIC

Alpha Medical Clinic, Thailand’s largest private standalone clinic, is acclaimed for the Picosecond Laser treatments they provide, and the procedures are done by Thailand’s first and only triple American Board certified doctor, Dr. Natthapat “Benz” Minchaiynunt, who receives more than 500 patients per month. He’s the first doctor in Thailand to use the Pico Starwalker PQX – the world’s most advanced and powerful Pico device – which provides the highest efficiency in eliminating blemishes, freckles, pigments, and pores. Additionally, Dr. Benz offers treatment plans for patients to follow before and after the procedure.

A one-of-a-kind invention, created by Dr. Benz and available only at Alpha Medical Clinic, is the “Pico Plasma Star” technique which combines elements of two of the best Pico Laser machines: The eight figure Discovery Pico Laser machine, used to treat acne holes and large pores, and the eight figure Pico Starwalker PQX machine, which is considered the fastest, strongest and most effective device in the world for removing freckles, tattoos, blemishes, and tightening the pores. Compared to using a singular machine, this technique has shown far more outstanding results. Patients will notice immediate changes after the first session, and the treatment also has never caused any post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH).

Consequently, Dr. Benz became the first Thai doctor that Quanta Italy, the manufacturer of Discovery Pico Laser, invited over to create a “case card” (a file detailing his technique and results) which will be further studied and developed across the globe.


If you’re looking to smoothen skin texture and ameliorate discoloration, while increasing the levels of collagen, consider getting the Picosecond Laser treatment at iSKY Center. This cosmetic innovation is one of the most advanced and highly effective laser technologies on the market, and it works by emitting a series of short energy pulses onto the skin. It can be used to reduce acne scarring, stretch marks, wide pores, freckles, blemishes, wrinkles, and even tattoo removal. Rest assured that the highly specialised team of practitioners here will walk you through a safe and satisfying procedure.


APEX Medical Center specialises in treating blemishes, freckles, and redness, as well as smoothing out one’s skin texture, minimising pores, and giving patients’ faces an extra radiant glow. With the combination of the US FDA approved PicoSure machine, and the clinic’s expertly trained doctors, treatments are becoming a lot more efficient and the results are improving steadily. APEX Medical Center was also given a ‘Luminary Excellence’ award, which celebrates the clinic’s expertise in treating high pigmentation.

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