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Sherri Shepherd is all Set to Permanently Replace Wendy Williams by September

“Hey there, I’m Wendy Williams and welcome to our daily talk show. “We are taped live at fifteen hundred hours, Monday through Thursday, so you know what that means, everything is live.”

We even dish out a lot of juicy gossips, but the best part is we get to meet celebrities, from oscar-winning actors to Olympic champions, you never know who’s going to pop in next.”

If you have heard these words you probably know about the famous daytime talk show “The Wendy Williams Show.” If not, then get ready to find out.

Why is Sherri Shepherd Replacing Wendy?

Wendy Williams is an American media personality, actress, author, fashion designer, and former radio personality. Most famously known for the Talk Show “The Wendy Williams Show.” She first time announced to the public about it in 2008 and the first episode was aired in 2009.

Before this Primetime fame, she worked as DJ and was given the name “shock jockette” in New York.

Sherri Shepherd

Wendy Williams shows has gone through a lot this past year this past season mainly due to a lot of health issues related to Wendy. Finally, the producers have thought to replace her which Sherri Shepherd if this remains to be continued.

Wendy Williams has been on a break from her show due to health issues and recently on  Instagram her producers posted  where it says that “if she doesn’t return to the show by September they will give the show to replace her with Shepherd and also rename the show accordingly.” Sources say the team is almost locked in on this decision.

How will this work out?

They will monitor the show from here on to September with Shepherd. If Wendy gets better she has always the open window to join back the show but, if not, after September they will rename the show permanently and this will mark the start of 15 seasons of the show.

The Fox group which operates the show is also agreed with the move. Wendy stepped away from the show due to serious signs and symptoms of Graves disease including a thyroid condition. She was also battling with C19 previously.

Her last appearance was on ending of season 13 leaving with the words-  she will be back for season 14 but she never did.  Since then Sherri has been hosting the show with a multitude of guest hosts for the entire season 14 and will continue to do till September. The guest host includes people like Bill Bellamy, Whitney Cummings, Leah Remini.

Is it just about her Illness?

Many are saying this is a piece of incredibly terrible news. Part of this is being blamed on the ongoing lawsuit she has with Wells Fargo. In the lawsuit, Wendy is defending because she has no access to her own money.

This in return caused Mercury in spreading rumors about Wendy that she has Dementia and many other diseases so that Wells Fargo has the all right to her accounts to keep them frozen.

This has to affect the business situation between Mercury and Wendy. This can be the reason why the show posted a Goodbye Wendy montage on Wendyshow Instagram.

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