Tesla Gave First Look at Cybertruck’s Windshield Wiper in Action

  • A new photo of the Cybertruck’s windshield wipers in use show they fail to clear part of the window.
  • Tesla released a handful of photos of the EV pickup in its earnings release on Wednesday.
  • The company has said it plans to begin Cybertruck deliveries within the year.

Tesla shared a peak into the Cybertruck’s ginormous windshield wipers in action on Wednesday in the company’s latest earnings release.

A photo from the release titled “Built To Do Real Work” shows that the massive, clunky wiper only clears a little more than half of the Cybertruck’s windshield.

Tesla gave a first look at its giant windshield wiper in action.

Tesla gave a first look at its giant windshield wiper in action.


Similarly, Tesla design chief Franz von Holzhausen shared a picture of the windshield earlier this year that appeared to show the wipers were unable to clear a significant portion of the passenger side of the window.

The windshield wiper is perhaps the largest Tesla has put on the truck. Unlike most cars’ wipers, which tuck neatly against the hood, the Cybertruck’s wiper appears to rest upright along the side of the windshield when it’s not in use.

In the past, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said there’s “no easy solution” to the vehicle’s massive windshield. The initial 2019 design for the Cybertruck didn’t even include windshield wipers.

It’s unclear whether the windshield wiper from the photo will be included in the final product, as the Cybertruck is still undergoing testing for “final certification and validation,” according to Tesla. The company said in the earnings release that the vehicle is still on track to begin deliveries within the year.

Last week, Tesla shared that the company had made its first production Cybertruck at its Texas Gigafactory. Musk first unveiled the concept for the electric pickup truck about four years ago and the project has faced a series of delays over the past two years.

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