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The 10 Best Raspberry Pi LEGO Projects

Key Takeaways

  • You can use LEGO and Raspberry Pi to create tech-savvy projects like a pirate skull hexapod and a chess robot. Get creative and have fun!
  • Capture amazing photos and videos with a Raspberry Pi camera using LEGO and a servo. Perfect for nature enthusiasts and photography lovers.
  • Combine the charm of LEGO with the computation power of Raspberry Pi to build a candy sorter or a smart piggy bank. Fun and practical projects for Halloween and saving money.

Remember playing around with LEGO bricks during your childhood? Those colorful interlocking blocks sparked the imagination of many of us back in the day, allowing us to build fantastic worlds, one brick at a time. But here’s the exciting part: just because you’re all grown up doesn’t mean you have to ditch LEGOs. These pieces have evolved so much that you can pair them with technologies like Raspberry Pi to create meaningful, tech-savvy projects.

Interesting in building something new and exciting? You’re in for a treat! Here are the ten best Raspberry Pi LEGO projects to kick-start your journey into this exciting fusion.

1. LEGO Raspberry Pi Pirate Skull Hexapod

Do you need more Halloween ideas? Want to have the most incredible decorations next Halloween? Then try building the LEGO Raspberry Pi pirate skull hexapod, and thank us later.

With Raspberry Pi as its brain, this hexapod comes to life, allowing you to control its movements and even equip it with cameras for exploring unknown territories. It reminds us of the tiny bots often featured in games like Doom 3 and, besides moving, it can detect obstacles and change its path accordingly.

Willing to give it a try? See the project for the supplies and the code. If you’d prefer to build a Halloween mask instead, check out these tech masks to take your Halloween costume to the next level.

2. Chess Robot Made With LEGO and Raspberry Pi

Love chess and are so good that no one in your circle can beat you at a game? Thank the heavens that you have found the perfect contender: the chess robot made with LEGO and Raspberry Pi in this Instructables project. This innovative creation combines the timeless strategy game with classic LEGOs and modern technology to deliver a captivating and interactive chess-playing experience.

You don’t have to model your version precisely as in the Instructable since the code can be altered to fit other chess robot projects. Check out these other DIY projects for chess players for inspiration.

3. Focus the Pi High-Quality Camera With LEGO and a Servo

Love the little bird that comes to your window every morning but have no way to capture it because it always flies away whenever you come near? Build the focus Raspberry Pi HQ Camera with LEGO and a servo, and you’ll have a way to photograph it remotely.

This Instructables project will guide you through creating it using LEGO bricks and a screw mechanism. By the time you’re done, you should have a Raspberry Pi camera capable of capturing macro shots, time-lapses, and detailed videos.

4. Rainbow Unicorn

With so many awesome uses of Raspberry Pi, there is no limit to what you can do with it—you can even build a unicorn! With Raspberry Pi as its brain and LEGO as its body, the charming rainbow unicorn in this Instructables project is the perfect template for you to base your unicorn on. It can move, interact, and even display a rainbow-colored light show. It also makes the ideal gift for your unicorn-obsessed niece or nephew.

5. Robot Candy Sorter

Halloween is coming up fast, and beyond the creepy and scary decor, one more element will shine: the candy. Add a touch of automation to your candy-giving game with the robot candy sorter in this Instructables guide. It combines the charm of LEGO with the computation power of Raspberry Pi to sort Halloween candy. This will ensure that each trick-or-treater automatically gets their favorite candy instead of manually sorting through the candy rubble.

Whether you’re a parent looking to impress your kids and their friends or a tech enthusiast eager to combine your love for LEGO and Raspberry Pi, the BrickPi Candy Sorter offers a sweet solution to your Halloween candy conundrums.

6. LEGO Robot Pumpkin

Want your child or your favorite nephew or niece to stand out during trick-or-treat? Build them the LEGO robot pumpkin to light their way. With the step-by-step instructions in the Instructables guide and the YouTube demo above, you can make a moving, interactive masterpiece using LEGO components and Raspberry Pi’s Build HAT, designed to allow users to combine LEGO with nearly anything.

7. LEGO Technic Rubik’s Cube Machine

Hate that you are never able to solve the Rubik’s cube quickly? Beat it with technology! The fascinating LEGO Technic Rubik’s cube machine project has you covered. By combining the power of Raspberry Pi and Build HAT, the brilliant breakout board released by Raspberry Pi and LEGO Education, you’ll create a Technic truck that will effortlessly solve the cube for you. Check out more details in the Instructables guide.

8. Smart Piggy Bank

If you’d like to keep up with how much you have saved up in your piggy bank without opening it, we have the perfect LEGO Raspberry Pi project for you: the smart piggy bank. It detects each time you add money and triggers an email notification with details of how much you have in there in total. Cool right? No more temptations to spend your savings when checking out how much you’ve got. The Instructables project features the step-by-step instructions and supplies you’ll need to build it.

9. LEGO Gardener

Having indoor plants is bliss until you need to travel or leave your house for a few days and have no one to water them. Thankfully, with the easy-build LEGO watering system in this project, you won’t need anyone. It’s easy to build and in addition to watering your plant babies, it triggers SMS notifications when the tank is almost empty.

10. LEGO Chassis for Raspberry Pi Robot

2 DIY Lego Chassis
Image Credit: not_the_one/Instructables

If you’re new to robotics and looking to try simple projects, build a LEGO chassis for your Raspberry Pi robot, as shown in this Instructables guide. This project takes you through constructing a robust chassis for a Pi-powered robot using LEGO bricks.

Not only does it provide a sturdy base for your robot, but it also allows for easy customization. You can easily attach additional sensors, cameras, or other modules to enhance the robot’s capabilities. Try out some more fun DIY projects to get your feet wet in robotics.

Best Raspberry Pi LEGO Projects: Final Thoughts

Raspberry Pi and LEGO work well together like bread and butter. And with their collaboration to release the Build HAT, bringing combined LEGO and Pi creations to life has never been easier. Try one of the projects above to see how seamless it is to craft innovative builds.

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