The 3 Types Of Libra Sun And The Differences Between Them

Individuals born under the cardinal sign of Libra with Mercury in Virgo are likely to be some of the most punctual and practical characters you know. If you’re familiar with the archetype of Virgo, you know that these individuals live by their daily planners and can create an itinerary like no other. They have a great eye for detail and are also quite grounded and practical, as Virgo is an earth placement. “You understand the value of natural purity, and you have an innate ability to return things to a more basic organic state,” Narayana Montúfar, a certified astrologer and the senior astrologer for and, told Women’s Health.

While these qualities make for excellent planners and project managers, a controlling and cold persona can also emerge when these individuals are out of balance. Therefore, it is key that they channel their desire to analyze and organize in a productive manner. A Libra with Mercury in Virgo may also have a second, more private identity, such as a passion or hobby they do not share with anyone, which is quite separate from their external, worldly personality.

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