The 3 Types Of Virgo Sun And The Differences Between Them

Anyone born within the first week or so of Virgo season — from August 23 to about September 1 — falls under decan one, giving them all the most prominent Virgo traits. So, if anyone is most likely to be teased for exhibiting all those famous Virgo characteristics, it’s going to be the decan one Virgos because they tend to fit the stereotypes.

“Virgos are very analytical, pragmatic, and methodical people … They think things through really slowly and cautiously … They love to organize … They’re always going to be the people with A+ presentations at work,” astrologer-slash-author Lisa Stardust tells Women’s Health. People falling into the first Virgo decan category won’t likely be any different from that description.

Thus, if you plan to start any type of relationship with a decan one Virgo — whether that dynamic is dating, friendship, roommates, business partners, or marriage — you should ensure you can handle all that 100% Virgo attitude. If you bring them to an event, get ready for them to analyze little details and possibly get critical, and if you share a home, they’ll probably want to make it spotless — even if there won’t be any guests.

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