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The 5 Best Digital Planners for iPad Users

Let’s face it: the feeling of accomplishing a task you’ve been delaying for a while is unmatched. Whether you’re a professional striving for productivity or a student aiming to organize your never-ending assignments, the right digital planner can make all the difference.


From note-taking to tracking tasks, your iPad is an excellent tool for digital planning. We’ve listed the top five digital planners to ensure you never miss an important deadline.

1. Notion

creating a to do list on Notion

Sometimes, a good productivity tool is all you need to organize your life and get back on track. Notion is an all-in-one productivity tool that can help you manage and plan projects, track tasks, and digitally plan your life.

The best part about this productivity tool is that you can create templates from scratch. If you’re still finding your way around in Notion, you can use one of its pre-made templates as a starting point.

You can create a to-do list by creating a new page in your workspace and typing / (slash). Now, tap To-Do List from the drop-down menu. Once you customize the to-do list templates according to your needs, you can easily add or remove tasks and sort them by priority.

A calendar view can be useful if you prefer planning days or weeks ahead in advance. All in all, Notion is an incredibly powerful productivity tool, and its easy-to-use interface ensures digital planning is a breeze.

Download:Notion (Free, subscription available)

2. Google Tasks

creating a to do list on google tasks

If you use Google’s collaboration tools like Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Gmail, you’d prefer a to-do list that integrates with these tools. Fortunately, Google Tasks has every feature you need to manage your tasks.

Separating your professional life from your personal life is of utmost importance. Organizing your tasks in separate lists is a great way of striking the perfect balance between both. You can do this by tapping + New List.

If you want to create a task, select the list of your choice and tap the plus (+) button at the bottom of the screen. Now, name it and set a date and time for the task. If there are certain tasks you need to complete on specific days of the week, you can create a recurring task instead of manually adding it every time.

While Google Tasks lacks many of the advanced features that other digital planning apps have, the seamless integration with Google apps is what drives many users toward it.

Download:Google Tasks (Free)

3. Todoist

digital planning using todoist

If you’re looking for a powerful yet easy-to-use app to manage your daily tasks, Todoist is the perfect app for you. You can use the planning app to keep track of your goals, tasks, and projects. Todoist features numerous tools like reminders, labels, and custom filters to help you organize your never-ending list of tasks!

Once you create your to-do list for the day, you can prioritize your tasks into four categories. By default, tasks are sorted from most to least urgent. You can sort your tasks according to options like Due Date, Added Date, Priority, etc. If there are certain tasks you need to do weekly or monthly, you can create a recurring task on Todoist.

If you’d like to break a complex task into smaller sub-tasks, the app allows you to do that. Simply choose one of your tasks and tap Add Sub-task. You can also switch the layout between a list or a board. Todoist automatically syncs between your mobile, desktop, and smartwatch.

If you upgrade to the premium version of Todoist, you can set reminders for each task to ensure you are always ahead. Whether it’s your first time using a digital planning app or you’re testing out a new planning app, the app’s elegant interface and onboarding assistant will ensure you face no issues.

Download:Todoist (Free, subscription available)

4. Microsoft To Do

using microsoft to do to plan your day

If you use Microsoft apps like Teams for your work tasks, opting for Microsoft To Do as your task-management app is a no-brainer. The planning app is available in over fifty languages, including English, Arabic, and Russian. What we love most about Microsoft To Do is that the app is entirely free.

You can plan your day within minutes using Microsoft To Do. As soon as you launch the app, you’ll see the My Day page. Tap Add a Task at the bottom of the screen and type everything you need to do. You can also plan weeks or months ahead by setting deadlines while creating a new task.

The planning app allows you to pick between a due date of Today, Tomorrow, or Next Week and also offers the flexibility of selecting a custom date as your preferred deadline. Microsoft To Do also features a Suggestions tool that displays tasks you created previously. If you’d like to repeat one of the tasks outlined, you can add it to your to-do list instantly.

Not all tasks on your to-do list are created equal. There are those one-time tasks that require your attention just once, and then there are those repetitive tasks that pop up like clockwork. With Microsoft To Do, you can effortlessly handle both kinds of tasks. Need to remember to submit monthly reports? No problem—set it as a recurring task and let Microsoft To Do ensure it stays on your radar.

Download:Microsoft To Do (Free)

5. MinimaList

creating a to do list on MinamaList

With a clutter-free digital planning app like MinimaList, you can focus solely on what matters—your tasks and goals.

All you need to do to add a new task is to pull down on your screen. Most people find it easier to meet goals when complex tasks are broken into smaller chunks. Luckily, you can add subtasks under tasks in MinimaList. You can also long-press and drag your task to reorder it. This way, you can sort your tasks according to how urgent they are without opting for the app’s premium plan.

Once you’ve completed a task, you can swipe right to mark it as done. You can also shake your device to remove all the tasks you’ve completed. The app’s paid version unlocks location-based reminders, cloud syncing, priority sorting, Face ID (or Touch ID) protection, unlimited lists, and custom backgrounds. However, the free plan is powerful enough to meet your everyday needs.

Download:MinimaList (Free, subscription available)

Never Miss a Deadline Again With These Planning Apps

When it comes to tracking your overflowing list of tasks, relying on a traditional planner is a thing of the past. Instead of jotting down your goals and deadlines on paper, we recommend using your iPad to plan your day-to-day life.

By downloading one or more of the apps mentioned above, you’ll soon realize how much time and effort digital planning saves.

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