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The Best Apple AirTag Accessories

An Apple AirTag is a great way to track your lost or misplaced valuables. By sending details of its location to iCloud, it enables you to see its whereabouts on the Find My app, facilitating a swift and emotional reunion between you and your belongings. So, it makes sense to treat your Apple tracker with the respect it deserves and outfit it with the best possible accessories.

Whether you’re planning to attach an AirTag to your keys, wallet, pet, bike, or anything else, you’ll want to make sure it’s well-protected to provide you with the security you need should things go missing. And if your AirTag accessory can manage to make it look stylish at the same time, all the better.

Here are some of the best Apple AirTag accessories in 2023.

Our Favorite Apple AirTag Accessories in 2023

Simple yet stylish, the Apple AirTag Loop is the perfect way to secure your belongings and spot them from a distance too. Available in three different colors, the Pink Citrus version is particularly eye-catching. It’s hard to imagine missing this one as you wait to collect your baggage from the airport.

Made from polyurethane, it’s both flexible and durable. Your AirTag fits snugly and securely inside the made-to-measure cut-out in the fob, and the loop itself fastens firmly around your gear. Ideal for keeping tabs on luggage, keys, pets, and just about anything else you can think of.

It’s expensive for what it is, though. And you can definitely find cheaper alternatives out there, should you feel inclined to do so. However, for those that like their branded accessories, it’s colorful and cool and certainly looks the part. And it will cuddle your AirTag tightly and never let it go.

Keeping an AirTag inside your wallet is never a bad idea. After all, if we each had a dollar for every time we’ve misplaced ours, we’d all be millionaires, right? On the downside, AirTags can add unwanted bulk to your wallet, making it cumbersome and uncomfortable in your pocket. Luckily, the TagVault AirTag Wallet Insert is here to change all that.

It’s made from silicone and is super flexible. The idea is that by design, it redistributes the bulk of an AirTag to help minimize your wallet bulge. It’s roughly the size of a credit card and can easily slot in place either in a card slot or in the bifold part of a regular wallet, and is a great way to discreetly carry your AirTag with you.

Your AirTag is securely held in place by the TagVault’s cut-out, so it won’t fall free any time soon. Its flexible design offers more comfort as you move around, and you get two AirTag holders included here, too. This is a good, value-for-money option that’s certainly a whole lot cheaper than forking out for a brand-new AirTag wallet.

Belkin makes great accessories, and this Apple AirTag Holder with Key Ring is no exception. It’s a simple but effective way to secure your AirTag, and can easily be attached to car keys, pet collars, or anything else you’d rather not lose.

A twist and lock design makes installing your AirTag nice and easy and means it won’t be going anywhere once inserted. The fob itself is made from durable polyethylene terephthalate, which is resistant to scratch damage, and offers a good degree of flexibility to boot.

Available in a variety of colors, you can also choose your own attachment type. Besides the standard key ring design, the Belkin Airtag Holder is also available with a wire loop, strap, or carabiner fastening. So, no matter what you want to attach your AirTag to, you can do it your way with ease.

If you’ve already paid top dollar for a Ridge wallet, you’re going to want to take steps to protect it, as well as the cards that you keep inside. Adding an AirTag to your Ridge Wallet is an obvious way to beef up security, and the Ridge AirTag Case lets you do so with style and flair.

This sturdy AirTag attachment also doubles as a money clip for your Ridge, giving you two uses for the price of one. It’s made from a blend of aluminum and manganese, so it’s lightweight while still being sturdy. Your AirTag screws firmly in place inside the AirTag holder on the clip without adding too much bulk.

It may come with a premium price tag that is equal to, if not more, than the price of many other RFID-blocking card holders. But you can’t deny the quality here. It’s a great way to keep your Ridge Wallet looking on point while adding the security of Apple’s AirTag.

A stylish and compact AirTag accessory with a carabiner that will securely attach to your keys, bags, or luggage, the Caseology Vault AirTag Case has a premium look and design. Made from durable TPU, this waterproof AirTag case lets you clip on and go.

It has a flexible frame that can be opened on both sides for easy insertion of your AirTag. Textured grooves across the top give it a nice tactile feel, and the matte black design looks sleek and cool. It can be used with or without the carabiner, so you’re not tied to this application if you don’t want to be.

A well-crafted fob that can be securely clipped to your valuables, the Caseology Vault is one of the most convenient and versatile ways to protect your belongings with an AirTag, while keeping your AirTag nice and protected itself.

The Pelican Protector is a rugged and adhesive AirTag case that can be stuck to just about anything. Sturdy, super-strong 3M Adhesive tape keeps the case securely attached to your things and features purpose-built notches that help to amplify the AirTag’s sound when you’re trying to retrieve your belongings.

The hard, two-piece shockproof cover, coupled with the extra strong adhesive, makes this AirTag holder ideal for attaching to valuables like bikes, drones, and other electronics. Precise cut-outs make installation an absolute breeze, and the case itself is one of the toughest you can get.

There’s no loop or key ring here, so you probably wouldn’t choose this for your keys. But for those other less obvious valuables, it’s ideal. Plus, it can easily be stuck to the inside of suitcases or luggage holdalls, and thanks to its sturdy design, it’s guaranteed to travel well.

If you’re worried about the surface of your AirTag becoming scratched and damaged, this pack of four AirTag film protectors is for you. With a brushed finish, these ultra-thin film protectors can help to keep your AirTag scratch-free.

Application is, well, as easy as applying a sticker. The circular film has been custom-cut to fit your Apple AirTag and is compatible with most AirTag cases. They come with a dust removal sticker to help prep the application area and a microfiber cloth.

Arguably a non-essential accessory for your AirTag, these protective stickers nevertheless do a solid job of protecting the otherwise very scratchable surface, keeping it smooth and pristine.

Choosing the Right Apple AirTag Accessories

It’s worth spending a little time deciding which type of Apple AirTag accessory is right for you. After all, you’re relying on it to keep your valuables safe, so you’ll want something that keeps it protected, too.

If you’re looking for an AirTag accessory purely to keep tabs on your wallet, something like the tagVault 2-Pack AirTag Wallet Holder Insert is a great option. Not only does it hold your AirTag securely, allowing you to discreetly carry it with you at all times, but you also get two for the price of one.

For buyers on a budget, you can’t go wrong with the Belkin Apple AirTag Secure Holder. It’s sturdy and well made, with a variety of available fastenings from key rings to wire loops, and keeps your AirTag nice and secure so that it can do its thing.

However, for a punch of color and style with your Apple AirTag, the Apple AirTag Loop is our overall favorite. Ticking all the right boxes in terms of safety and security, it also earns bonus style points, too. Ideal for making your belongings stand out from the crowd, Apple’s own AirTag holder is the best way to accessorize your AirTag, even if it is comparatively expensive.

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