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The Best OLED Laptops in 2023

Aside from the usual factors like the graphics card, processor, and battery life, your laptop’s display matters a lot. It’s the one component you’ll spend most of your time looking at when working or gaming.

The best laptops have Organic Light-emitting Diode (OLED) panels that use organic compounds to deliver stunning colors and deep blacks. Their immersive visuals and incredible contrast make them an excellent choice for gamers, creatives, and movie lovers. Additionally, OLED laptops reduce blue light by 70 percent, making them gentle on your eyes.

Here are the best OLED laptops you can buy today.

The Top Laptops with OLED Displays in 2023

An ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo 15 OLED laptop

ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo 15 OLED

Best Overall

Meticulous Multitasking on a 4K ScreenPad

The Asus ZenBook Pro Duo 15 OLED is a good choice for multitaskers. It has a unique secondary screen that is far more than just a gimmick. The 14-inch ScreenPad matches the primary screen with its 4K resolution and is an excellent way to redistribute tasks and free up screen real estate on the gorgeous 4K OLED primary display. It’s also a premium performer with specs that gamers and creators will love.


  • Dual OLED screens ensure seamless multitasking
  • Loud and well-laid speakers
  • Excellent build quality
  • Reliable performance
  • Stylus support

  • Awkward touchpad and keyboard placement

The ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo is a high-performing and unique OLED laptop. Its second screen adds a wow factor while being useful for anyone who wants to multitask. This 14-inch ScreenPad has a 4K resolution and tilts up to 9.5 degrees, creating a comfortable viewing angle.

All details look sharp and colorful on both screens, allowing you to have an immersive experience when watching or working. Despite featuring dual displays, the ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo is quite light, weighing 5.16 pounds. As such, you can carry it to your workstation without feeling uncomfortable.

There are a few options when it comes to choosing specifications. The most affordable features a 12th-generation Intel Core i7 processor, 16 GB of RAM, a 1TB SSD, and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card. With these specs, you can play games at high settings and run demanding apps. However, consider the pricier options if you need to play the most demanding titles.

Audio is also good with the two bottom-firing Harmon Kardon-certified speakers. You can jam to your favorite tunes with excellent clarity and sufficient bass.

The IR-capable camera works with Windows Hello facial recognition, helping you protect your data from intruders. There’s also a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) which uses hardware-based cryptography to secure your information from software attacks, while connecting the laptop to other peripherals is easy as it comes with a vast range of ports.

A Dell XPS 13 (9310 model)

Dell XPS 9310

Most Affordable

A Stunning Touchscreen Display and Powerful Performance

An extensive and natural color range makes the OLED screen on the Dell XPS 9310 ideal for tasks that require accurate color representation. The excellent contrast ratio and peak brightness are also perfect for watching media content and surfing the web. The laptop’s overall performance is quality, and its thin and compact design makes it a good choice for on-the-go professionals.


  • Stunning graphics
  • Attractive design with ultra-slim bezels
  • Portable and solid build
  • Decent battery life
  • Speedy performance

  • Limited port selection
  • Average webcam

Ultra-fast and elegant-looking, the Dell XPS 9310 is a worthy pick for anyone who wants to perform some resource-intensive tasks with ease. The 11th Generation Intel Core i7 processor, which clocks at up to 5GHz, boosts the overall speed and graphics performance. This model also has 16GB of RAM and 512GB SSD storage.

The 13.4-inch OLED 3.5K touchscreen display delivers deep, vibrant colors with 100% DCI-P3 and 98% Adobe RGB color gamut coverage and a 1500:1 contrast ratio, immersing you in all your games and TV shows. It also produces 400 nits of brightness and has excellent anti-reflective capabilities, allowing you to view sharp details in bright conditions.

Typing on the chiclet keyboard feels nice and comfortable, while the glass touchpad provides a satisfyingly solid click. The thin rubberized strips on the back ensure the laptop stays in place, provided it’s on a flat surface, and the fingerprint scanner is neatly integrated on the right side.

Razer Blade 15

Razer Blade 15

Best for Gamers

Gorgeous OLED Gaming

$2200 $3300 Save

The Razer Blade 15 is a powerful beast for gamers. Content creators will also love the performance of the laptop and the stunning OLED display. If you’re a content creator who loves gaming, this laptop is the one for you. Color, contrast, and brightness ensure lifelike visuals, while the build is robust and can take a few bumps.


  • Great build quality
  • Excellent gaming performance
  • Colorful display
  • A range of configuration options
  • 240Hz display refresh rate

  • Heavy
  • Poor battery life
  • Webcam quality could be better

If you’re an avid gamer searching for a speedy laptop to play the latest titles, consider the Razer Blade 15. It offers smooth and detailed visuals when playing fast-paced games, as it boasts a 144Hz refresh rate. With the 12th Gen Intel Core i9 processor, performance is of top-level quality, reaching speeds of up to 5.3GHz at its maximum. Six cores contribute to its processing power, while the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070Ti GPU uses ray-tracing for cinematic-like graphics.

If you want even more performance, you can upgrade the model to the newer 13th-Gen processors and the RTX4060 or RTX4070 GPU and push the display resolution up to 4K.

The 15.6-inch QHD OLED screen delivers a rapid 1ms response time and up to 427 nits of brightness, with a broad range of colors that includes the entire DCI-P3 color space. Additionally, the HDR 400 True Black feature ensures those colors are lively while blacks are rich and deep.

Despite being compact, the Razer Blade 15 has a rigid anodized CNC (Computer Numerical Control) aluminum unibody frame that withstands knocks and scratches when on the move. The laptop also has a Razer Chroma, a versatile lighting ecosystem that enables you to customize your keyboard to add immersive gaming effects.


ASUS ZenBook Flip S

Best for On the Go

OLED Opulence for Travelers and Professionals

The Asus ZenBook Flip S is a quality OLED laptop ideal for on-the-go types. Any traveler, from business professionals to digital nomads, will love the beautiful display with its broad color gamut and 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio. It’s also lightweight and has excellent battery life, adding to its travel appeal. 


  • Stylish, elegant design
  • Blue light reduction
  • 360-degree ErgoLift hinge
  • Comes with an ASUS pen with 4096 pressure-level support
  • 0.2ms response time

Packed with many innovative features, the ASUS ZenBook Flip S makes for an ideal OLED laptop for on-the-go content creators and business travelers. This model comes with an Intel Core i7-1165G7 CPU, 16GB of RAM, and 1TB SSD storage, offering plenty of power and performance for most traveling professionals.

The 13.3-inch 4K OLED screen brings whatever you’re looking at to life with its deep blacks and excellent color reproduction covering 100% of the DCI-P3 gamut. For continuous productivity, you can also tweak the brightness level depending on your environment without noticeable color degradation. Furthermore, the 360-degree ErgoLift hinge lets you sketch or watch movies from different angles without colors washing out.

This laptop weighs only 2.87 pounds and measures 12 x 8.3 x 0.55 inches, so it’s slim and light enough to carry around. Though compact, the keys don’t feel cramped and are comfortable to type for extended hours. You’ll also enjoy the smooth and highly responsive touchpad, which provides you with enough space to scroll, while battery life is an impressive 15 hours.

A Gigabyte Aero 14-inch OLED laptop

Gigabyte Aero 14 OLED

Best for Creatives

Exceptional Color and Contrast for Content Creators

$1599 $1699 Save

The Gigabyte Aero 14 OLED has a 2.8K resolution, showcasing incredible color, contrast, and brightness. It’s an ideal choice for creatives and anyone who enjoys movies and other media on their laptop. Creatives will particularly appreciate the features geared toward their needs that ensure they get through their tasks as quickly and accurately as possible.


  • 1080p webcam
  • Stylish aluminum chassis
  • Astonishing colors and contrast
  • Lightweight and portable
  • 600-nits peak brightness

  • Poor 6-hour battery life
  • Inadequate audio
  • RAM is not upgradeable

If you’re on the lookout for a top-performing OLED laptop for designers and creators, the Gigabyte Aero 14 is an excellent choice. It features an Intel Core i7-13700H processor, an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4050 6GB graphics card, 16GB of RAM, and a 1TB SSD that team up to handle demanding tasks with ease. However, if you are a creative that uses many CPU-intensive apps simultaneously, be aware that you can’t upgrade the RAM.

The RTX 4050 GPU is equipped with NVIDIA Studio drivers. These drivers ensure the GPU is as compatible as possible with creative applications like Adobe Photoshop. Creatives can breeze through their work worry-free thanks to the improved performance and stability the drivers deliver.

The 14-inch 2.8K OLED display showcases sharp, detailed visuals and is certified by X-Rite 2.0 and Pantone Validated color calibrations. It renders true-to-life colors and gives you confidence that your work is accurate. The exceptional color performance of the laptop is complemented by striking contrast and brightness that ensures outstanding media content with deep blacks and popping highlights.

However, the audio performance doesn’t complement the visuals. This is especially true when listening to music, with low frequencies the most glaring aspect that needs improving. And it’s only marginally better when watching movies. But, if you get a quality external speaker or headphones to match the brilliant images, you can enjoy movies and shows to their fullest on this device.

A MSI Creator 15 4K OLED laptop

MSI Creator 15

Best for Gaming Creatives

A Gaming Laptop with Creative Touches

$2000 $2699 Save

The MSI Creator 15 has the boxy design and power of a gaming laptop yet offers a nice balance of performance and beauty for creatives. Its 4K OLED display is mesmerizing and is complemented by surprisingly good audio. For a machine of this type, it’s also remarkably lightweight and offers good battery life.


  • Impressive battery life
  • Wi-Fi 6E
  • Stiff 180-degree lay-flat hinge
  • Bright and colorful screen
  • Great sound output

The MSI Creator 15 packs high-end features designed for both gaming and creator-focused individuals. Its 15.6-inch 4K OLED panel delivers clear and vibrant pictures with exceptional color coverage without displaying annoying reflections seen on some screens. Plus, the brightness is enough to cater to your gaming and content creation needs in bright environments–perfect for professionals who require accurate color representation and clarity.

The laptop’s Intel Core i7-11800H processor with eight cores boosting up to 4.6GHz can handle most demanding games and applications. Teamed up with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card and 16GB of RAM, you can play games at high settings and resolutions while getting speedy boot and loading times with the 1TB SSD. Sound performance is also impressive with the front-firing speakers. They have passive radiator technology that lets you crank the volume high without distorting your music.

Pausing what you’re doing because of overheating isn’t the case with this laptop, as it comes with intelligent cooler boost technology. It ensures maximum airflow for improved performance, no matter how demanding your application or game is. Furthermore, the substantial 99.9WHr battery offers good performance for this type of machine. While you probably won’t get the ten hours advertised by MSI, you should get around 5–7 hours with regular use.

Side shot of Dell XPS 15 with colorful screensaver

Dell XPS 15

Best All-Around

A Jack of All Trades for Gamers, Creators, and Media Lovers

The Dell XPS 15 (9520) remains one of the best Windows laptops around. The stunning 3.5K OLED display offers outstanding contrast and color, while the 4-speaker sound system provides superb clarity in music and movies. And with the latest GPU, it can handle demanding games while being among the most portable XPS laptops.


  • Sleek and sturdy build
  • Portable
  • Excellent for creatives and productivity
  • Good battery life
  • Outstanding display and audio

The Dell XPS 15 offers everything you might expect from an OLED laptop. The stunning display is accentuated by deep blacks and energetic colors with full DCI-P3 and sRGB coverage, while the 3.5K resolution produces outstanding clarity and detail. It can also reach 400 nits of brightness to enhance the display’s rich contrast and highlight pop in HDR content. Exceptional audio complements your viewing with the loud quad-speaker system offering good sound on every frequency.

The thin bezels ensure the 15.6-inch screen is as immersive as possible, while the 16:10 aspect ratio offers more vertical real estate for enhanced productivity. Supporting the prime display is a 13th-generation Intel Core i9 CPU with 32GB of memory, an NVIDIA RTX 4060 GPU, and a 1TB SSD. It can handle many demanding games and apps and also aims towards productivity and content creation.

It’s relatively lightweight and slim for a full-size laptop, which makes it one of the more portable in the XPS lineup. It also features a comfortable, spacious, backlit keyboard and a roomy trackpad. However, it doesn’t have a wealth of ports, with just three USB-C and a headphone jack.

What You Need to Consider Before Buying a Laptop with an OLED Display in 2023

You might be a content writer, video editor, gaming enthusiast, or movie buff; whoever you are, you most likely desire an OLED laptop for its outstanding display. They’re known for creating stunning aesthetics with superior true-black contrast, exceptionally vibrant colors, and fast response times while also having wider viewing angles and being more energy efficient. All that extra costs a bit more, and OLED laptops generally don’t come cheap.

However, one of the more affordable OLED laptop options is the Dell XPS 13 9310 model. It is renowned for its breathtaking 3.5K display and delivers all the image qualities that an OLED display promises. Yet it’s still relatively lightweight and compact, making it a good choice for on-the-go artists, illustrators, or anyone who relies on accurate color representation.

Some OLED laptops are engineered for specific purposes. The Gigabyte Aero 14 is one geared toward creative types, while the Razer Blade 15 has specifications and features primarily for gamers. If you want a blend of both, consider the MSI Creator 15 or the Dell XPS 15.

The best overall laptop with an astonishing OLED display is the Asus ZenBook Pro Duo 15. It’s a powerful machine that can handle most things coming its way and has a unique ScreenPad with a 4K resolution, perfect for multitasking. It also has excellent audio, is portable, and has good security features.

An ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo 15 OLED laptop

ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo 15 OLED

Best Overall

Meticulous Multitasking on a 4K ScreenPad

The Asus ZenBook Pro Duo 15 OLED is a good choice for multitaskers. It has a unique secondary screen that is far more than just a gimmick. The 14-inch ScreenPad matches the primary screen with its 4K resolution and is an excellent way to redistribute tasks and free up screen real estate on the gorgeous 4K OLED primary display. It’s also a primary performer with specs that gamers and creators will love.


  • Dual OLED screen ensures seamless multitasking
  • Loud and well-laid speakers
  • Excellent build quality
  • Reliable performance
  • Stylus support

  • Awkward touchpad and keyboard placement


Q: Are OLED Laptops Repairable?

Yes, they are, and fortunately, you can address common problems without seeking professional services. Most OLED laptops are portable, so they attract dust and grime when on the move. Such particles interfere with how the fan works, resulting in overheating and sudden shutdowns.

You can solve this by cleaning your fans with compressed air and placing your laptop on hard surfaces for proper ventilation. A drop in performance also means there’s less space in the hard drive or malware infection. Consider deleting unwanted files and installing an anti-virus program to combat such issues.

However, burn-ins in OLED screens are permanent, so you’ll need to replace the entire display if the image retention is pretty visible.

Q: Is an OLED Laptop Worth It?

Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) screens have many advantages compared to traditional LCDs. Like OLED TVs, these laptops turn their individual pixels on and off, meaning the colors have tighter spectral responses.

They have superior black levels and produce lifelike images to make your viewing experience immersive when editing videos or photos. The best OLED laptops have a large field of view, allowing you to see colorful pictures from any angle.

Gamers will also benefit from OLED screens since they produce less motion blur and lag even when playing fast-moving sports. Unlike backlit displays, OLEDs consume less power, meaning they keep your monthly electric bills low.

Q: How Do I Prevent Burn-ins in My OLED Laptop?

OLED screens may suffer from burn-ins over time, and although it’s uncertain, it’s best to implement some measures to reduce the chances of it happening.

The permanent image retention is caused by watching the same thing for hundreds of hours. You can prevent this by removing static elements like YouTube logos, breaking news banners, and game-related heads-up display (HUD) elements on your screen.

If you’re an avid gamer, consider taking breaks and avoid pausing a particular gaming scene for a long time. Reducing your screen’s brightness also helps in lowering the stress on your pixels.

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