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The Best Smart Kitchen Appliances in 2023

Smart kitchen appliances transform any kitchen into a high-tech and modern environment. They are also highly functional and efficient. They make life easier, not to mention more fun. And let’s face it, who doesn’t want to have more fun in the kitchen?

They take the chore out of spending time in the kitchen, allowing you to cook up a storm with ease. From handy all-in-one cookers to marvelous beer-making machines, kitchen tech is becoming more creative, more appealing, and more accessible to everyone. So why not wow your friends and family by knocking up tasty treats in no time by adding a little smart tech to your kitchen?

Here are some of the best smart kitchen appliances available today.

Our Favorite Smart Kitchen Appliances for 2023

Every kitchen should have its own air fryer. They’re one of the most versatile kitchen appliances you can get, not to mention one of the most energy-efficient. And this COSORI Pro III Air Fryer is no exception, serving up the goods in spades. This 1750-watt smart air fryer has a 6.8-quart capacity, multiple cooking settings, and works with Alexa too.

There are 12 cooking settings here, including baking, broiling, roasting, and air frying. Dual heating elements ensure a nice, even cook throughout. A precise temperature controller, plus a smart temperature algorithm, works in harmony to ensure your food turns out crispy and juicy every time.

Using the free VeSync app, you can control your air fryer remotely, monitor cooking progress, receive notifications, and activate voice control with Alexa or Google Assistant. Plus, there are hundreds of in-app recipes to explore, each curated by certified COSORI chefs. Perfect for when you’re feeling a little adventurous.

Cook for the whole family with ease with this multi-purpose kitchen hero. Plus, it’s good news for whoever gets lumped with the clean-up afterward. The COSORI Pro III Air Fryer Dual Blaze’s component parts are dishwasher-safe and easy to clean.

The ultimate smart appliance for bringing a little luxury to your kitchen, the De’Longhi Dinamica Plus is as perfect as coffee can be. How does creating personalized coffee recipes in your own custom profile sound? With this remarkable appliance, you can do just that. Craft your favorite blend with the De’Longhi Coffee Link App to ensure that every cup is made to your exacting standards.

The Dinamica Plus is a fully automatic espresso machine that can prepare 16 barista-style beverages with the touch of a button. This smart one-touch system recognizes your preferences and lists your most frequently selected drinks as the top choices on its touchscreen display.

There’s an integrated conical burr grinder that has 13 different settings to ensure your beans are evenly and finely ground to release their wonderful flavors and aromas in abundance. And for milky coffee lovers, the built-in LatteCrema System froths up your milk (or milk alternative) to perfection, giving your coffee that smooth and creamy flavor you love.

However, all this luxury comes with an equally extravagant price tag, and whether it’s worth the asking price is up to you. But for the experience it provides, this smart coffee maker is unbeatable. Delivering the perfect blend effortlessly, it’s like having your own personal barista.

Do you ever stop and think, I wish my kettle was smarter? Probably not. But maybe you should. Because the GoveeLife Smart Electric Kettle does more than just boil water. This Bluetooth-enabled smart kettle has a capacity of 1.7 liters and variable presets that give you complete control over what it does with it.

For instance, the kettle works with Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can enjoy full voice control. You can set it to boil water to the exact temperature you want. Whether for formula milk or the perfect cup of tea, you can set the temperature anywhere between 104 and 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, it will hold the water at that temperature for two hours.

Set schedules via the app and wake up to a freshly boiled kettle first thing in the morning. Create custom temperature settings for different types of beverages. There’s also a rapid boil function, and the boil dry protection automatically shuts off the power when the kettle is dry. The GoveeLife Smart Electric Kettle is perfect for whetting your whistle at your own Goldilocks temperature.

These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. Actually, they are. Because these droids brew beer for you. And no, you’re not dreaming the perfect dream right now because the BeerDroid Beer Brewing System actually exists! It brews 10 liters of delicious golden beer at the press of a button, and you can control and check on your brew anytime, thanks to the BrewArt App.

BeerDroid is a temperature-controlled fermenter. Add your water and your brewing ingredients, and begin your brew remotely via the app, or using the touchscreen controls. BeerDroid BrewPrint recipes can be perused on the app, and there’s a comprehensive range of BrewArt ingredients to craft your brew with.

You can receive milestone notifications during the brewing process so that you know as soon as the brew is complete. You can then choose to bottle straight from your BrewDroid or preset it to the Ready to Keg mode for easy keg transfer. BeerDroid also lets you experiment, giving you total freedom to concoct your own custom brew and make any kind of grain or mash recipe you can think of.

Take the pressure out of cooking for the whole family with the Instant Pot Pro Plus Smart 10-in-1 Pressure Cooker. It can be wirelessly operated and programmed via the Instant Brands Connect App, which also provides access to over 1,900 smart recipes.

This smart appliance can be used as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté pan, and more, making it easy to cook delicious meals with minimal effort. Inside, you’ll find a 3-ply stainless steel interior with an aluminum core, which is perfect for ensuring fast and even cooking.

In-app recipes provide step-by-step instructions, and you can wirelessly program the Instant Pot Pro Plus directly from the app. And with over 10 safety features built-in, such as overheat protection and a safe-locking lid, you can cook with confidence and enjoy consistent results every time.

Bring the BBQ indoors with the COSORI Electric Smokeless Grill. This multi-purpose smart grill can also be used for air frying, roasting, broiling, and baking, and is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

With an integrated carbon smoke filter, it reduces unwanted smoke and odors, allowing you to enjoy a virtually smoke-free environment while cooking. Rapid 360-degree rapid air circulation combined with interior temperatures of up to 510 degrees Fahrenheit means you get perfectly grilled food in mere minutes. And it’ll get you those perfect grill marks, too.

There are over 100 recipes to explore using the free VeSync app, and you’ll receive notifications throughout the cooking process, letting you know when it’s time to turn or shake your food and when it’s ready. Choose from voice control, app control, or manual controls, and bring those sensational outdoor flavors inside with this smart indoor grill.

An essential piece of kit for every master baker is their scales. The perfect cake requires precise measurements with its ingredients, as does the perfect bread. And with the Arboleaf Smart Food Scale, you can reduce the margin for error and get those measurements just right every time.

This smart scale works with the Arboleaf app, using precise sensors on the scale to provide accurate weight measurements on your phone. It can measure in pounds, grams, fluid ounces, and milliliters and has an easy-to-read interface to make following recipes a breeze.

You can also review the nutritional information for each of your weighed ingredients via the app, making it much easier to monitor your calorie intake and keep tabs on your cholesterol. Capable of weighing ingredients up to 20 pounds, and with a long-lasting battery, this easy-to-use smart scale is one kitchen essential you won’t want to be without.

Choosing the Right Kind of Smart Appliance for Your Kitchen

For pretty much every kitchen appliance you can think of, there’s a smart equivalent out there. How much these smart counterparts will benefit you and your kitchen will come down to how much use you currently get from their non-smart ancestors.

For instance, many of us love our coffee, and you’ll find a coffee machine of some description in quite a few kitchens. But the De’Longhi Dinamica Plus with LatteCrema bumps things up several notches in comparison. Delivering premium quality coffee just the way you like it, you can customize everything here, down to the way the beans are ground. Create personalized recipes, froth your milk, and grind your beans your way. It comes with a hefty price tag, but if you’re a frequent patron of your local coffee house, this could prove to be a very worthwhile time-saving investment.

Less expensive but equally innovative is the GoveeLife Smart Electric Kettle. This smart appliance will revolutionize the way you boil water. Compatible with Alexa, you can program it to boil your water to a precise temperature of your choice, and it will hold it at that temperature for up to two hours. In-app controls allow you to program your smart kettle to boil up to 24 hours ahead of time so that it’s ready for you whenever you need it. It even has a Formula setting, so you can get your baby’s bottle ready quickly. It’s not particularly expensive, and with the amount of use it’s likely to get on a daily basis, it represents good value for money.

But for a great overall smart kitchen appliance, the COSORI Pro III Air Fryer steals the top spot. It has a large 6.8-quart capacity and 12 different cooking modes, meaning you have near-endless options for cooking family-sized meals. Choose from hundreds of in-app recipes to follow with the free VeSync app, and enjoy hands-free operation with Alexa voice control. Monitor the cooking process easily via your smartphone and enjoy crispy and juicy results every time.

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