The Unexpected Red Flag That Can Help You Spot When Your Date Is Lying

According to research conducted by Bustle in 2020, an estimated 43% of daters “lie on the first date.” But while that’s the case, how big the lie is another story. Whereas it might be okay to tell a date you like the same movie as them (even though you don’t), others want so badly to impress that they go to extremes. 

“I think the lies are based in fear,” author of “How to Date Like a Grown-Up” Lisa Daily tells “We think that if someone knows the real us they won’t find us worthy, so we sort of feel like we have to frost ourselves a little bit to make ourselves more appealing.” But, interestingly enough, when someone is eager to feed our head with all things meant to impress us, we may intuitively pick up on it.

According to a 2018 study published in New Media and Society, when we think people are trying to impress us with lies on a date, our interest in them goes down. Not only does it kill both social and physical attraction, but expectations for seeing that person again drop. So if someone starts telling you the drastic changes they plan to make in their life or claiming things that seem suspect, there’s a chance they’re lying in the hope of winning you over. That’s why, before you get the ick, you need to suss it out.  

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