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The daughter of Tirapong and Valliya Pangsrivongse, Tirawan “Waew” Taechaubol is the charismatic Project Development Manager of Kasemkij Group, the well- known property and development management company that oversees an impressive portfolio of serviced apartments, offices, warehouses, and hotels, including the famed Cape & Kantary and
Kameo Hotels.

Since joining the business, Waew has taken her family legacy to new heights while crafting an inspiring success story of her own. “My passion for property development was fuelled after my father tasked me to bring our Hua Hin resort to life. I didn’t want the hotel to run solely as a business, so we began incorporating ‘passionate touches’ and personalisation to craft a unique approach to hospitality.”

Waew’s notable accomplishments extend far beyond numbers, and her journey is a testament to determination and a fervent dedication to making a difference. Beyond her business acumen, she is also deeply committed to sustainability. Recognising the responsibility that comes with her position, she has made it her mission to lead by example, integrating eco-conscious initiatives into her projects while also giving back to local communities that have supported her throughout her journey.

“The resort that holds a special place in my heart is Cape Kudu on Koh Yao Noi, as it is a property that has taught me so much about the value of giving back to community and offering authentic, local experiences.

“Most of our team are island locals who dedicate themselves to maintaining its distinctive ecosystem,” she adds. “In our kitchens, we prioritise locally grown ingredients, we support fisherman carrying out regular quality checks on their boats and we rent them for guest excursions. A portion of the money from these trips goes towards a charity that provides essentials such as ambulances and funding doctor visits. We also support a foundation that takes care of the native hornbill population.” Building this property and seeing it operate in a way that is creating active change brings me so much joy.”

Her dedication to sustainability extends beyond her property development ventures. She recently launched Kantus Lemon Farm, an organic brand that sells drinks, curd, jams, and more, all crafted from lemons cultivated on her father’s farm. “We had previously grown the lemons for use across our properties, however when the pandemic shut down our hotels, the idea of Kantus Lemon Farm was born to prevent our produce from going to waste. It’s now become a passion project that I’m excited to grow further.”

In collaboration with a relative, Waew has also launched a clothing line called Owl & The Moon. “This was also born as a solution to a problem, as I couldn’t find clothing that fit my vision for my hotel boutiques. And so, we started our own label of resort wear that has grown to be quite successful, as people now call the hotels just to order our items!”

Despite being the owner of several successful businesses, her view of success transcends the conventional metrics of material wealth and is rooted in finding fulfilment from using her resources to uplift others. “Success is different for everyone because we all have different goals, but for me success is about working towards a legacy I am proud of, and being satisfied with what I have so I can also support others.”

When asked about what advice she would like to share with other women who are looking to carve out their own path to success, Waew is firm about the importance of pursuing your passions relentlessly and setting healthy boundaries.

“Through my experiences, I’ve found that you must fight for what you want and be resilient as nothing good and worthwhile comes easy,” she says. “Offering advice to other women specifically, I want to reiterate the importance of being independent and having your own money. Do not just depend on other people. Do not let yourself go, as you never want to be in a position where you have no will and no confidence left. Financial freedom is so important.

“I think in comparison to many other countries, Thailand has seen, and continues to see so many women in high positions and I have met many successful female entrepreneurs,” she continues. “I do believe there is less discrimination here and I think the kingdom is continuing to make huge strides towards equal workplaces.”

As she speaks about how she hopes to empower women to achieve greatness on their own terms, she shares sentiments about the women who have inspired her. “I look up to so many women, especially HRH Princess Sirindhorn. I really admire her self-discipline, and devotion to the country and its people. Another woman who inspires me is Dr. Kanokwan Wongwatanasin, who founded Internet KSC, the first company in the kingdom that provided internet services. Not only is she incredible at the work she does, but she is always striving to learn more.”

Moreover, Waew’s journey exemplifies that being a business maverick need not come at the cost of being a devoted wife and mother, as she is married to Ben Taechaubol, Managing Director of Country Group Development, with whom she has a son. Juggling the roles of mother, wife, and businesswoman is no easy feat, and yet Waew seemingly does it with unparalleled finesse, which she attributes to her commitment to integrating all aspects of her life as much as possible.

“All my ventures are rooted in my passions, which makes working fun,” she says. “I’m also blessed with a very supportive family, who help me strike a healthy balance in my life. One way I integrate work and life is I often take my son on work trips, which allows me to enjoy family and work time in a healthy way. I get to work on my passion projects, and my son is inspired to step out of his comfort zone because he’s always introduced to new experiences.”

A resilient trailblazer, a sustainability advocate, and a compassionate philanthropist, Waew’s journey serves as an inspiration to strive for greatness while keeping our hearts aligned with the greater good.

Words: Ashima Sethi
Photographers: Vatcharasith Witchyanrath & Jittarat Juntasirikul
Make-Up & Hair: Nontalee Wongpeng
Watches: Breguet

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