Twitter To Launch Job Listings For Verified Organizations

Twitter is close to officially launching new features that allow Verified Organizations to post job listings to Twitter profiles.

Some Verified Organizations have already posted job listings.

Twitter To Launch Job Listings For Verified Organizations

Screenshot from Twitter, July 2023

The jobs listed below the Twitter bio and audience numbers link interested applicants directly to the job listing on the company website or other job networks.

Twitter To Launch Job Listings For Verified OrganizationsScreenshot from Twitter, July 2023

Twitter CEO Elon Musk hinted at Twitter jobs – as well as Twitter dating – in May.

Competition For LinkedIn Jobs?

If Twitter were to establish a hiring platform similar to LinkedIn’s, which currently attracts over 52 million job seekers, it could boost Twitter’s revenue and user engagement.

Twitter charges companies at least $1,000 monthly for the Verified Organizations program and associated benefits.

It will (hopefully) encourage more Twitter users to post high-quality content that would leave a positive impression on potential employers.

Benefits Of Using Twitter For Hiring

Hiring companies could capitalize on the platform’s widespread usage and diverse user base, potentially attracting a broader range of candidates from different geographical locations and professional backgrounds.

Using hashtags in job postings could help streamline the search for employers and job seekers, as individuals can easily find job posts relevant to their interests or expertise.

Twitter’s retweet function would also increase the visibility of job listings, allowing them to reach even further through network connections.

Overall, the social nature of the platform would foster a more personal and interactive recruitment process, giving candidates a chance to engage with potential employers and gain insight into the company culture.

Featured image: Rokas Tenys/Shutterstock

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