We Tried OPI’s Big Zodiac Energy Nail Polish Collection And 9 Shades Have Us Starry-Eyed

Naturally, OPI picked a deep blue shade to represent Aquarius, though it isn’t quite as moody as Scorpio Seduction. After all, while it’s technically an air sign, “aqua” is literally in its name. In the pictures on the brand’s website, it seems to have a glittery current running through it, which OPI describes as a “navy blue pearl long-lasting nail polish that doesn’t follow the rules.” Yet we’d argue that OPI’s interpretation of Aquarius is about as straight-laced as they come.

Don’t get us wrong: This polish has its positives. It’s versatile — a cool, muted shade of navy like this is bound to go with countless items in your wardrobe. It’s also extremely creamy and opaque from the first swipe, offering a full-coverage manicure in an instant. It flows evenly and seems to dry more quickly than other lacquers in the lineup, too.

However, we couldn’t help but think Aquarius Renegade was a bit lackluster. OPI aims to embody the “true blue” qualities of Aquarius with this color, but we would have gone with something more majestic for the forward-thinking air sign. Among a sea of glitters, bold colors, and flashy effects in OPI’s Big Zodiac Energy Collection, Aquarius Renegade’s modest blue hue feels a bit washed out.

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