Which Comes First: Blush Or Concealer?

The proper order of applying blush and concealer typically depends on the look you are trying to achieve. Wearers usually use concealer first, followed by other products, including blush. This method allows your foundation and concealer to create an even base to place the blush on top. Combining your blush with other products, like bronzer and highlighter, allows this outer layer of makeup to blend easier for an even finish.

It might be tempting to use concealer last to help diffuse an overly-pigmented blush, but covering up your blush can leave a cakey finish. If you’re looking to diffuse blush, opt for a lightweight setting powder that gives you a more airbrushed finish. Leaving your blush last also gives your cheeks the appearance of a healthy, flushed glow. When applying blush and concealer, you’ll also want to be aware of the formulas that you are using. You want to avoid mixing contrasting formulations, like liquids and powders, since this can alter how long your makeup lasts throughout the day.

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