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Which Is the Better Buy?

Key Takeaways

  • The Tesla Model X and BMW iX are both top contenders in the electric SUV market, offering excellent range, powerful performance, and luxurious interiors.
  • The BMW iX has a slight edge over the Model X in terms of range per dollar spent, with the iX offering more range for a lower price.
  • While the Tesla Model X has a better charging infrastructure with its Supercharger network, the BMW iX offers complimentary charging sessions with Electrify America for added convenience.

The Tesla Model X made a huge splash when it was introduced in 2015, especially with its novel falcon wing doors, which reminded everyone of the DeLorean from Back to the Future. The current Model X is still an amazing EV that delivers excellent range and mind-bending power. But can it keep up with newer competition like the BMW iX?

Let’s find out which electric SUV is the better buy between the Tesla Model X and the BMW iX!

How Much Do They Cost?

Tesla Model X vs. BMW iX rear view
Image Credit: BMW
Image Credit: Tesla

The iX is available in two flavors. First up is the $87,100 iX xDrive 50, which offers dual motors and all-wheel drive (unlike the entry-level Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV, which has rear-wheel drive). In Europe, BMW offers the iX xDrive 40 as the base model, but even that has standard all-wheel drive.

Stepping up to the iX M60 will set you back $111,500, which is steep, but you’ll get a lot more performance with a slightly diminished range and a harsher ride.

The Tesla Model X is available in three distinct flavors: Model X Standard Range ($88,490), the Model X ($98,490), and the undisputed acceleration king of electric SUVs, the Model X Plaid ($108,490).

Which One Has More Range?

Tesla Model X side by side with BMW iX front view
Image Credit: BMW
Image Credit: Tesla

The BMW iX xDrive50 gets 307 miles of range from a full battery. This is better than the Model X Standard Range (269 miles), which is its closest variant in terms of price. The more expensive iX M60 doesn’t lose much range in comparison to the xDrive50, as it can go 296 miles on a full battery.

The Model X gets 348 miles from a fully charged battery (but it’s around $10,000 more expensive than the iX xDrive50). The Model X Plaid gets a remarkable 333 miles of range (impressive considering how powerful it is).

In terms of range, the battle is pretty even, but the BMW has the edge when you consider the amount of range you’re getting for your dollar.

Which One Offers a Better DC Fast Charging Experience?

A row of Tesla Superchargers

The Tesla Model X integrates seamlessly with Tesla’s expansive Supercharger network, which means all you have to do is pull up to a Supercharger and plug in to start charging. The number of Superchargers available is also a huge plus for the Model X, and the neat integration with the vehicle’s navigation system (which preheats the battery on your way to a Supercharger if it’s cold outside) means you’ll always know where the next available Supercharger is located.

The Model X can recover 175 miles of range in only 15 minutes of fast charging at a Supercharger station. The BMW iX can charge at certain Supercharger stations that have the Tesla Magic Dock CCS adapter, but these stations aren’t common, and you’ll end up paying more if you’re charging a non-Tesla vehicle.

The BMW iX does have one trick up its sleeve, though. When you purchase a new iX, you can sign up for 24 months of 30-minute complimentary charging sessions with Electrify America. The BMW iX can add approximately 90 miles of range after charging for 10 minutes using the appropriate DC fast charger.

If the Electrify America network covers your area, the iX has the upper hand when it comes to charging costs on the go. The Model X, on the other hand, is better when it comes to integration with its charging network as well as inthe sheer number of Supercharger points it can access.

Which One Has a Better Interior?

Tesla Model X interior compared to BMW iX interior
Image Credit: BMW
Image Credit: Tesla

When it comes to evaluating interiors, personal taste is very important. If you’re enamored with Tesla’s minimalist design, then the Model X is the one you should be looking at. The Model X’s interior, especially in white, is truly breathtaking. When you option out the Model X as a six-seater, the rear captain’s chairs look extremely futuristic and appear as if they’re floating.

The Model X is available with a third row, which the BMW iX does not offer. If you absolutely need a third row, the BMW won’t be on your shopping list at all (no matter how gorgeous the interior is). Minimalist design and a giant central infotainment screen aside, the Model X’s interior isn’t as well-built as the BMW iX’s, and it doesn’t feel as premium.

The iX features supple, soft-touch materials on most surfaces, and there are even exposed bits of structural carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) visible when you open the tailgate. The iX is also one of several EVs that use sustainable materials in their interiors, such as carpeting that’s made from synthetic recycled yarn.

The iX’s interior is among the best, with extensive use of premium materials including crystal-effect buttons and real leather, as well as a panoramic roof that turns opaque at the touch of a button. It even has a panel of buttons on the center console made of unpolished wood that uses haptic feedback to respond to your inputs. The iX also offers a massaging driver’s seat and an ultra-quiet interior. The iX trumps the Model X in terms of isolating you from the noise of the outside world.

BMW also adopted a novel approach to heating the iX’s cabin. While it does have traditional vents that blow air on the passengers, the vehicle also comes equipped with infrared panels in the lower part of the dashboard, the central armrest, and door armrests. The manufacturer says that keeping occupants warm this way is more efficient than using a traditional automotive climate system.

In terms of storage space, both of these vehicles have pretty much equal space behind the second row. The BMW iX is the clear winner when it comes to luxury and devouring highway miles in near silence. The Tesla wins in terms of interior tech that’s easy to use and its implementation of cool features like in-car games via Tesla Arcade.

Which One Is Quicker?

Tesla Model X vs. BMW iX side by side both driving down a road
Image Credit: BMW
Image Credit: Tesla

For this comparison, it’s only appropriate to compare the big dogs. The Model X Plaid ($108,490) is slightly cheaper than the top-of-the-line BMW iX M60 ($111,500). Both of these performance EVs offer amazing thrills from their powerful electric powertrains, but the Tesla Model X Plaid is in another league, and it is one of the fastest EVs from 0 to 60 mph.

The Model X Plaid, which has over 1,000 horsepower, will sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.5 seconds, which is a time that will embarrass many supercars. It has a top speed of 149 mph, which is pretty impressive for a large electric SUV.

The 610-horsepower BMW iX M60 can’t keep up with the Model X Plaid’s frenetic pace to 60 mph, but it still has an extremely quick time of 3.6 seconds and a top speed of 130 mph.

Do They Have Frunks?

Tesla Model X and BMW iX side by side front view
Image Credit: BMW
Image Credit: Tesla

Well, in this specific category, there isn’t much of a comparison because the iX doesn’t even have a frunk. If you manage to open the iX’s hood, all you’re going to find is a bunch of cables and vehicle components, but no space to put your golf clubs.

The Model X, on the other hand, does have a frunk, and at 6.5 cubic feet, it’s quite large and useful. If you’re set on purchasing an EV with a frunk, the choice is simple with these two: the Model X.

Front trunks are becoming increasingly important for EV shoppers, and it’s always nice to see that manufacturers have dedicated the time to implementing a front storage solution in their vehicles.

Which One Looks Better?

BMW iX vs. Tesla Model X front three quarter view
Image Credit: BMW
Image Credit: Tesla

The BMW iX’s exterior design has not been well received by journalists. Many find the front end especially polarizing due to its large faux grille (behind which all the sensors for the advanced driver aids are located). But what’s undeniable is that the iX has tons of character, even if you might not be enamored of the overall look that BMW chose for its premium EV SUV.

The Tesla Model X’s design is less controversial than the iX, and it’s undeniably handsome for a large SUV. The only critique that you could make against the Model X is that its design is starting to look somewhat dated, especially compared to the iX, which is noticeably more futuristic-looking than the Model X.

Design is extremely subjective, though, so whichever one you choose ultimately depends on your taste. The BMW is the winner here with its fresher design, which is clearly not afraid to take risks, versus the somewhat pragmatic Tesla.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Either of These Electric SUVs

Both the iX and the Model X represent the crème de la crème among electric SUVs. They’re both quiet and luxurious; they drive well, and they have some of the best interiors of any electric vehicle.

If you’re looking for an electric SUV with the perfect combination of performance, excellent range, and great storage, these two are among the best choices.

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