Which US Networks Support eSIM?

eSIM is an embedded version of a SIM card that’s available for Android and iOS devices but can also work with other operating systems. It’s a convenient alternative to physical SIM cards for multiple reasons.

However, users often have trouble finding carriers that support eSIM in the US. Some only support the feature for iOS or Android, and only a few support both. So, keep reading to learn more about how eSIM works and which carriers support eSIM in the US.


What Is eSIM?

An eSIM, also known as embedded SIM, is a type of SIM that’s formatted directly onto a device. It’s a chip built into a device that uses software to function the same way a SIM card would.

It’s convenient, can function like a dual SIM slot, and can be reprogrammed at any time to work with any network you prefer if they support the feature.

List of US Carriers That Offer eSIM Services

Cell phone tower

While eSIM is convenient, the same can’t be said about implementing the feature with certain carriers. While the list of networks that support eSIM is substantial, it’s important that you contact your carrier to double-check. This is because some only offer eSIM support for iOS or Android devices, and not both.

Here’s the list of US carriers that support eSIM and the links to their eSIM sections:

It’s easy to check with each carrier and see if they support eSIM for your device.

Benefits of Using eSIM

eSIM is more than just a flashy alternative to physical SIM cards. There are quite a few benefits of using eSIM, including the following:

  • Use multiple numbers on a phone
  • Easier to swap between multiple network profiles
  • Quicker activation than physical SIM cards
  • Take up less space than physical SIM cards
  • More secure than SIM cards

Ditching the SIM Card Tray

eSIM is a much better alternative to SIM cards. It eliminates a few extra steps and guarantees you won’t lose a SIM card, leaving you without a mobile connection. It’s so great that some manufacturers are ditching the SIM card entirely. Apple’s iPhone 14 line-up, for example, is eSIM-only!

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