Why Raquel Leviss Is Changing Her Name Back to Rachel

As you might recall, at the height of Scandavol the internet—and the cast of Vanderpump Rulesdiscovered that Raquel Leviss’ given name is actually Rachel. And, as expected, everyone a field day trolling. But in a plot twist truly no one could have predicted, the VPR star is going back to Rachel. Or rather, reclaiming it.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Rachel made the decision with the consultation of therapists. “After months of therapy, Rachel decided she wanted to go by her government name moving forward,” a source explained, adding “Rachel is now spending time with people close to her.”

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Meanwhile TMZ reports that Rachel’s “therapists explained to her” that “her detractors had weaponized the name ‘Rachel’ to hurt her,” and that by reclaiming it she “neutralized the people who used it as a weapon.”

Got it!

As for Rachel’s status on Vanderpump Rules, TMZ reports that she’s actually been under contract for Season 11 this entire time, “she is just renegotiating possible terms.” Meanwhile, Entertainment Tonight’s source says Rachel “still hasn’t signed on to film” the show, noting that “her team and Bravo are still trying to hammer out a deal.”

Page Six previously reported that Raquel wants more money, with their insider saying “She wants to get as much money as she possibly can, so she is playing hardball.” They also noted that the “expectation” is that Rachel will be filming by the time the VPR cast heads to Lake Tahoe, and that “for the right price, she will be there.”

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