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Your Guide to Hiking Gear this Season

Ah, the great outdoors – something that a lot of us enjoy exploring.  With how extreme the weather has been lately, though, it’s becoming a bit more difficult for us to indulge in these habits that so many of us enjoy.  Are there any solutions to that, though?

Well, it will of course depend on what weather you’re going to be hiking in the hot or the cold, for one thing, and there are other factors that can influence the type of gear that you might want to get.  After all, if there is a way to experience the great outdoors even in these circumstances, this would probably be the way to achieve that.

Now, you can get some advice on how to hike safely here:  You’ll probably notice right away that part of the advice there is to bring the proper gear and equipment with you.  Today, we’ll be delving into how you can select the pieces that will be right for you.

What is Hiking Gear, anyway?

Let’s start with the basics.  What is hiking gear?  Well, as you can probably guess, it’s anything that we can use to increase our comfort and ease of travel during a hiking trip.  A lot of it is clothing, but there are other pieces as well.  For now, we’ll be focusing on the clothes though.

Right now, it’s pretty hot outside in most parts of the country.  There’s a good chance that if you’re looking to go exploring nature these days, you’ll be facing some blistering temperatures.  So, it’s a good idea to prepare for those sorts of conditions.

What might that include, though?  Clothing that is loose-fitting and made with fibers that don’t absorb heat are a must have, really.  The lighter the colors the better, there, so that you’re not feeling the sun’s rays too intensely as they shine down on you. 

Of course, shorts seem like a no-brainer.  However, if you do decide to venture out in shorts, make sure that you’ve got some reliable bug spray with you.  No one wants to come out of the woods with a nasty tick, especially since they’re carriers of Lyme’s disease.

While it’s a little further away, there’s certainly nothing wrong with looking at a hiking gear collection designed for the cooler weather as well.  Puff jackets and other similar pieces can help you to stay warm even when the winter is at its worst.  Most retailers carry both types of clothes, luckily, so it shouldn’t be too hard to shop for them!

Preparing for a Hike


No matter where you live or where you’re planning on following some trails in the woods or mountains, it’s critical to think ahead and plan out the trip.  After all, how can you know what type of gear to bring if you don’t consider things like the actual spot that you’re hiking or what the weather will be like during the trip?  That’s why the preparation phase is so critical.

So, do your best to check the local weather reports before you set out and pack.  Naturally, the gear that you bring will also depend on how long you plan to travel for.  If it’s just a day hike or a few hours, then you don’t exactly need to bring your entire house with you.  The longer you plan to be outdoors, the more you should have on hand just in case.

There’s more information about how that works on this page, for any inquiring minds out there.  For the most part, though, it’s pretty important that we bring critical items such as a water bottle or canteen along with some snacks.  Just keep in mind that certain snacks could attract wildlife, so consider looking at lists of trail-approved foodstuffs.

The Most Important Gear

To close out today, let’s take a moment to discuss what the most important gear to bring along is.  Naturally, having a good pair of hiking boots that can handle the terrain you intend to travel on is critical.  Socks that will fit into them but still be protective are also a good idea.  You may even want to get some that go up your calves to help protect against insects or burrs.

Backpacks are another important piece of course since that’s how you’ll store the rest of your gear.  You’ll want something that can withstand large amounts of weight as well as any potential tearing from stray branches.  Ways to navigate around can also be handy.

That could be a GPS device or even a good old-fashioned map – that’s pretty much up to your own discretion.  While this list isn’t necessarily all encompassing, hopefully it can give you a nice place to start if you’re planning on taking any hikes this season!

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