Your Guide To Keeping Swimwear In Perfect Condition All Summer

The first truth of swimsuit maintenance may be a tough one to swallow: You’re definitely not washing it as often as you should be. Most pools have chlorine, which is added to kill germs. And every pool has water, so … isn’t going swimming basically like washing your swimsuit? 

Unfortunately, a dip in the water isn’t enough to keep your bikini fresh. In fact, it’s part of what gets it so dirty! It’s no secret that, despite our best efforts, swimming will often spread germs and expose your body to somewhat unsavory waters. Saltwater swimming areas can wear down your suit’s structure, while chlorine will weaken your favorite fabrics.

While the water is certainly part of the problem, it isn’t the only reason you need to wash your suit after every wear — so simply donning your suit as you lay out to tan isn’t the hack that you think it is. If you’re wearing sunscreen (which you should be!), the oils from this product can also soak into your suit and cause damage if it’s left to marinate. As Strange Bikinis explains, this combination of factors means that you should, at the very least, be rinsing your swimsuit after every wear. 

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